Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sisters, South Beach and Smooches. . . . .

have you heard of South Beach?
it's one of those places that goes by more of a nickname 
than the actual location.
south beach, SOBE. . . .
it is actually Miami Beach. . . .
or more correctly, SOUTH Miami Beach,
which explains the name "South Beach".
so, have you heard of it?
maybe you saw it in the movie
The Birdcage with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane.
Hysterical when it came out, and kinda/sorta true:)

South Beach has quite a reputation for being a FUN place,
Beautiful Beaches, cool refurbished art deco hotels. . . . .
and a crazy side.
yes, DEFINITELY a crazy side.
all too wild.
but parts are kinda cool and very pretty.
like the beach, and the boardwalk along the beach.
we were in south beach last Sunday, so here are a few pics. . . . .


lots of celebrities stop by south beach.
and where celebrities go,
the PAPARAZZI will be there also!

yep...there they are. . . .the paparazzi.
apparently some model was on the beach with her friend and let me tell you,
she didn't move a toe in the sand without them snapping away.
personally, i think they should've been snapping pics of my partner in crime,

we were in south beach for Taylorina 

to attend
an audition for Ballet Austin (Texas) 
that was held at Miami City Ballet.
fun times.
well for me and Jordan.
maybe not her.
she had to work:)

 probably more than the beauty of the shimmering turquoise Atlantic,
was the beauty i caught on my own iphone camera.
i went to the car because the meter was almost up and
Taylor was not yet out.
Jordan stayed at MCB to wait for her and show her where we were parked.
as they walked to the car, i caught a glimpse of them as sisters.
and it was so special.
they were walking, talking, laughing. . . . . .
being sisters.

and it was such a beautiful sight for me.
they have their moments.
oh yes!
but they truly love each other.
and that's all i could have ever hoped for, especially through these
teenage years.

yes, sisters are special.
i have three of my own.
 and i know how very blessed i am!

they had their moments.
they STILL have their moments.
moments one of them just feel this need to drive the other one crazy.
on purpose.

gotta laugh sometimes, right?
now, i believe i mentioned "smooches" in the title of my blog post.
so here you go. . . .

hey sweet boy. . . . .i'd sign up for a smooch from you!:)



  1. What a great post, Suzanne. How fun to see your girls together. I used to go to South Miami Beach back in the 70's...and I bet it is all re-newed since then. It was a fun hot-spot even back then.

    Good for your daughter for the try-out-How did it go? xo Diana

  2. I wanted to go to south beach last year when we were in miami just to go (we were there a day early for a cruise) but the high was 66 degrees. So we didn't venture out... will be there next week but not sure if we'll have time to get there before we ship out!

    and now I totally have the sister song in my head! My mom and i sing it all the time!

    here from the blog hop. Nice to "meet" you!


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