Wednesday, January 2, 2013

One AMAZING New Years Resolution We Can All Keep in 2013. . . . . .

i didn't want to do the usual resolution/new year's post,
mainly because most resolutions are the same every year.
we all want to lose weight, exercise more, get in shape. . . . .
some want to quit smoking or drinking,
cut sugar or caffeine,
others want to save more money.
all great ideas. . . . . .
yet we still manage to give up on them
 sooner rather than later.
at least, most of us do.
so i didn't want to do the typical post.

but i DO have an idea for a resolution that is
 SUPER simple to do and to keep,
and could make a difference in YOUR life 
and the life of someone else.
are you ready?
got a pencil and paper handy?
here you go.
with much thought on my own part,
as well as inspiration from many others in various places,
my suggestion for a new years resolution is this:



yep, that's it!
smile more.
okay, okay. . . . . 
don't check out yet.
this is a good one, trust me.
stick with me and i'll explain why.

come on, didn't you smile when you saw this picture?
there must've been someone who made you smile.
and if anyone was looking at you,
they would've seen you smile and it might have made them smile.
it's like a SNOWBALL effect.

a few happy facts~ ~ ~
It takes seventeen muscles to smile but it takes forty-three to frown.
smiling is EASIER!

you don't have to feel happy to smile.
Studies show that when you smile something wonderful happens within your body.
 When we smile, we release into our body a feel good chemical message 
known as an endorphins. You feel happier. 
Endorphins have the ability to make you feel happy, 
and whenever you smile, you release them.
 So even if you are not happy when you begin to smile, you might be afterwards, 
and the more often that you smile, the happier you will feel. 

Smiling has also been proven to be contagious,
 so you have the power to make other people smile.
 You can do this by simply passing a smile to someone else.

Pretty cool, huh?
Maybe all you have to do to make someone happy is to smile at them.
 A smile is infectious. Try it.
 Smile at someone on the street, 
and odds are you will make that person smile back at you.
then they'll be releasing their own endorphins.
and so on and so on:)

(hmmm. . . . i think he's smiling, but i'm not sure:)

Smiling at someone might make their day seem a bit better,
make them feel a little happier,
maybe make them forget their troubles of the moment. . . .
physical or emotional.

some people will think you're crazy.
they just aren't used to someone smiling at them.
that's okay.  you're doing this for you and if it rubs off on others,
but you'll be doing your part, 
and its so easy to do.

it's been proven, a smile is powerful. 
 it can heal emotional pain,
even if temporarily, and sometimes physical pain.
think about it. . . .there are people who don't know what it's like to
receive a smile.
it can make them feel encouragement and acceptance.
a smile can calm fear and anxiety.

okay, what do you think?
do you like the idea?
i hope so:)
just so you know,
i'm not some smiling POLLYANNA.
not that it would be a bad thing, but i'm not:)
i have my good days and bad.
my personal struggles and concerns.
i often feel overwhelmed and helpless.
but i'm told. . . .often. . . .that people like my smile.
and i didn't even know i was smiling.
i've had sales people thank me and my daughters for walking in
with a SMILE.
So maybe there is something to this.

do you see why i said it was the ONE resolution we ALL
could and should do?
it's easy and might just make a huge difference.
so why not?
it's easier than dieting:)
i hope you'll join me.
i'll be the lady driving around town in a cute mini cooper,
smiling. . . . .for me and for you.

here are a few more thoughts on smiling.
i think this one by Maya Angelou is
 ESPECIALLY important to remember;

“If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love. Don’t be surly at home, then go out in the street and start grinning “Good morning” at total strangers.”
~ Maya Angelou

so please remember to smile first at home,
THEN go out the door and smile at others:)

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.”
~ Mark Twain

i'm honestly happy with my laugh lines.
how can i not be???
they came from smiling:)

 Happy New Year!


  1. Yes, SMILE........then when you got a handle on that LAUGH. The best therapy ever. (((((HUGS)))))

  2. Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true...

  3. Thank you for making me smile, ladies! Happy New Year to you:)

  4. Yep- I do believe in smiling. I am a smiler. One time the cafeteria person told my little one that she didn't know..."What yoah Mama is smiling 'bout-she looks like she's knowin' a joke 'bout somethin' and ain't gonna tell nobody what it is but she sure looks happy". I thought that was the nicest compliment I ever got.

    That is great advice you gave out here- xo Diana

    1. Thank you for the lovely comments ladies! And Happy New Year to you:)

    2. Thank you for the lovely comments ladies! And Happy New Year to you:)


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