Monday, December 31, 2012

it's New Year's Eve. . . . . .

and the simple fact that i'm writing a blog post to help YOU
is kinda crazy.
 i'll be the first to admit it.
i'm a boring new year's person.
i don't ask for much, other than to be happy:)
let me stay home with my family and watch a few good movies
and i'm happy, happy.
oh, and let me munch on some yummy treats, too.
cause you know, the diet starts in the morning, or so they say!
i'm not even a resolution person.

but i did come across some cute things i thought i'd share with you.
maybe i'm not hopeless about new year's after all!

feel like making resolutions but don't know where to start?
here are some good ideas. . . . . .
or maybe there's something for you here. . . . . .
seems like we should be able to grab something from one of these lists,
don't ya think?

here's a cool idea i wish i'd done through the years.
use a mason jar or something similar, and writing on scraps of paper,
add memories throughout the year and then read them on
 New Year's Eve.

next, this would be cool to do each new years. . . . .
just go to for free printables
think of the adorable notebook you could have of each child someday!

IF i were having a party, it would be a family party
with kids of all ages.
so we would need goodie bags!

but remember, no stressing out over details, okay?
just be happy:)

sorry i'm not much help with a menu.
give me a big bowl of caramel corn and i'll be good to go!
but here are a few ideas.
chocolate covered strawberries. . . . .
and they only LOOK hard, because they're really easy to do.

 i love the idea of these simple frosted cookies. . . . .

personally, i'm feeling so lazy these days, i wouldn't even bake any.
these kinda look like those soft, frosted Lofthouse cookies at the grocery store
(which i love and can't have in the house:)
i would buy some, regardless of the color frosting,
and just frost/draw on a clock face.
voila. . . . .instant new year's treat!

maybe, more than anything,
we can all just remember it's a NEW year,
with NEW changes, NEW choices, 
possibly NEW opportunities. . . . .
and a year full of hopes and dreams come true.


whatever you do, 
please be safe this New Year's Eve!
may God Bless You in the coming year. . . . .

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  1. Suzanne- What a GREAT post- I am not a big MAKE A RESOLUTION kinda person either- I am always afraid if I set a bar for myself I will step over it and it will come crashing down. I determine just to do my best every day. Love all your cute ideas here- xo Diana Happy New Year!


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