Friday, December 14, 2012

Hard to be Happy.........

...............when parents are still waiting for news that their child was spared.
news that most likely will not come.
these parents who sent their child off to Kindergarten.........
only to never get to hold them again,  make them breakfast, pack their lunch
tell them a bedtime story, give them a hug, tell them goodnight,
hear them say "mommy (or daddy)  i love you".

not everyone will agree with me,
but this is a broken world.
28 killed in Connecticut.
22 killed in China.
it goes on and on.

i pray for these precious children, their families, the emergency workers,
every single person impacted.......... and that should be all of us.
i pray for this world...........
a big task.
but a broken world needs it just as a broken heart needs it.

 hold those you love closely.
and pray.


  1. I join you, your prayers for these angels and their families. For a better world .

  2. so heartbreaking. I will hug my grandkids even tighter tomorrow.

  3. Suzanne- I am heartbroken and feel sickened by what is becoming of the world around us. I don't understand how this can happen.....xo Diana


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