Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Traditions. . . . .There's Still Time:)

JOY to the world. . . . .
it's Christmas Eve!
love came down on Christmas Eve.
TRUE love.
the birth of God's Son,

you know that saying "it is what it is".
well, never was that more true than on Christmas.
because we can make it about a million different things,
but it is what it is. . . . . .
a celebration of the birth of Jesus.

does that mean we can't have fun and be merry throughout the Holidays?
personally, i don't think so.
my God wants me to be joyful.
and happy.
and Christmas time makes me happy. 
as long as we never lose sight of the reason we are celebrating.
that's what i think.
i hope i'm right, at least a little bit:)

maybe you've been on top of things this Christmas season.
if so, you're my hero:)
because if you're like me,
you've been so busy,
the LAST thing you've been is on top of things.

but no worries!
there are still plenty of wonderful traditions to be done on Christmas Eve
and Christmas day.
i'm going to share a list. . . . . . .
some we have done (or still do) and some i know that others do.
so relax. . . . . .
when we're through,
you'll be right and ready with a few meaningful and joyful traditions!

in no particular order. . . . . .

1.  if you're not done wrapping, you can do something we do every year.
and it is SO much fun!
when you write on the tag the to: and from: names,
put who it is for, and for the from part, use fake names,
superhero names, favorite athletes, funny names. . . .
we do this, and it is always good for a few laughs.
plus, the person who gave the gift can always pipe up and say "it was from me".
a few examples. . . . .
my girls will be getting gifts from Tim Tebow, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, 
Pioneer Woman, Rafael Nadal (tennis player) and even Martha Stewart:)
Seriously, you can get really silly and have some fun:)

2.  if you haven't baked cookies yet, now's the time.
cause Santa gets hungry!
and you can make a "cookies for santa" plate
 with a sharpie pen if you don't already have one:)

and today is a great day to have the little ones color
a Christmas picture and take it to a neighbor, along with a few
of those yummy cookies:)
you can also grab a marked down gingerbread house kit to make today
if you haven't yet.

3.  one more thing needs to be baked.
a "Happy Birthday Jesus Cake" for tomorrow's dessert.
and the coolest thing to do, is to let the kids truly make and DECORATE it. . . . . .
their way!  no need for a professional cake with this one.
such an easy reminder of what it's all about.

4.  you can still make up some reindeer food to sprinkle on the lawn.
it's easy...uncooked oats and colored sprinkles.
trust me, if you've never done this, they're gonna LOVE it!

5.  got the new jammies all ready to go?
make them festive and matching for some great photos by the tree!

6.  read "twas the Night Before Christmas" before bed.

7.  hopefully you were able to go to church,
but if not, sing carols or watch a favorite Christmas eve movie.
ours is White Christmas, EVERY year:)

8.  you can also have game night. . . . .
anything as a family is what counts, if you ask me:)

9.  go outside and sprinkle that reindeer food on the lawn.
and if you haven't driven around and looked at lights yet,
bundle everyone up, make some hot cocoa in to-go cups and go for a ride.
my girls STILL love this!

10.  when the kiddies are all tucked in, use a bit of flour to make 
"santa's footprints" on the floor.
as long as they're still young, they'll love this!

11.  it's Christmas morning!!!!!
and they can't wait to open presents, right?
but try, try, try to read the Nativity story first.
so, so, so easy and important to do.
and then let them place baby Jesus in the manger...
signifying He is born.

12.  now this is just my opinion,
but my kids were never allowed to tear into gifts and throw them aside,
reaching for the next present right away.
a.  we took turns opening to appreciate what each other received.
b.  if the gift they open is from someone far away, 
have them hold it up and snap a picture.
makes a great thank you later on.
i just think it is so important that they learn to share in the joy 
of the rest of the family too,
and not just focus on themselves.

13.  whether you do brunch, lunch or dinner,
make something traditional.
it's so tempting to try something new every year and that's ok to a point,
but part of Holiday traditions is enjoying special dishes that you
associate with that day.
again, just my opinion:)

14.  make one of the gifts a shiny new ornament.
my daughter is turning 18 in a few weeks,
and i am gathering all of "her" ornament to give to her.
a nice start for her own tree someday or even if she doesn't use them,
some nice memories of years past:)

15.  finally, make lots of memories,
take lots of pictures,
eat TONS of food...sweets too,
play, play, play,
watch a Christmas parade from Disney World,

call family far away and spend time with those you love all day,
keep the day for your family.....
and by this i mean, TURN OFF the computer/cell phone/ipad or whatever.
and for pete's sake, don't spend the whole day on facebook, pinterest or whatever.
post a simple message and get off if you have young kids.
your family is more important than that,
and deserves your undivided attention for one day, at least.
now THAT one will get me nasty emails,
but i stand by it.

16.  and before the day is done,
have a list for thank you notes,
and when you tuck your kiddos in,
remind them of all they have to be thankful for and 
also remind them of the BEST gift they got that day,
in case they forgot.
the gift of God's Love.

Merry Christmas Eve. . . . .
from my family to yours!


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  1. Suzanne, What great and fun ideas. I especially love the one about the oatmeal and sprinkles. The kids are gonna love to do this.

    Merry Christmas to you and God bless your beautiful family- xo Diana


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