Saturday, December 29, 2012

a day to CELEBRATE. . . . . .

december 30. . . .
it's a day to celebrate my dad.
because today is his birthday. . . . .a very special day.

this is his second birthday in Heaven.
and  while we all miss him SO very much,
we are grateful just knowing he is Home. . . . . . .
and waiting for us to join him once again. is my pledge to you.
i'm not sure i can do this but i'm going to try.
today i will celebrate you more and mourn less.
i read that in a poem. . . . .
that there comes a time to celebrate more and mourn less.

we all get there in our own time.
i still miss you.
still shed many tears.
but i wouldn't trade a day of having you for my dad.
and that is something to celebrate.

you won't be here in person.
but you can watch from above.
hopefully smile your little smile.
and understand what i am trying to do.
i'm celebrating your life.

let's see, how can i do that?
well, first of all, by going to church as always.
you would want that.
then maybe playing with my dogs.
because i think secretly you liked my dogs:)
i think for you, we'll have fried egg sandwiches for lunch.
the sandwich you always made me when mom was at work.
then a bit of t.v.
Phil will watch some golf for you.
and the girls and I will watch some classics,
like maybe a few episodes of 
The Honeymooners.
you laughed so hard watching this show.
especially the one where Ralph Cramden is trying to teach his buddy
 Ed Norton how to golf.
remember " helloooo ball. . . . ."?

the Bible says this. . . . .
i'm gonna try my best to laugh as we celebrate.
again, no promises.
but your life is worth celebrating and appreciating.
i miss you.
i'll always miss you.

and there are some things I'll never understand.
but what else is new.
i don't understand a lot of things.
as long as i get to see you again, it's all okay though.

Taylor is making a birthday dinner tomorrow night.
Lasagna...something you enjoyed.
and what kind of birthday would be complete without cake. . . . .
or at least ice cream:)
i can't promise to eat any black cherry ice cream.
but i will get something.
maybe butter pecan.
we'll think of something.
and guess what?
no little dinky bowls like mom had:)
we'll have a big ol' bowl of ice cream.
and candy if we feel like it.
because we're celebrating YOU!

i think we'll start a family puzzle.
we didn't get around to a Christmas puzzle as I was kinda out of it.
but we can do a birthday puzzle.
for you:)

we'll look at photos and try to smile.
photos like the ones of your shed.
it's really so pretty in a rustic kind of way.
and by the way, after all those times of not wanting to ride
 in your pick up truck,
me and the girls are into pick up trucks.
like really in to them.
as in if only we could have a little red one, we'd be happy:)
wish i had your old truck now!

it's been tough dad, i'm not kidding.
but i think we all are coming along.
this is a verse from a song that i like.
I don't think it is speaking to our situation,
but it kind of fits.
through life's trials and struggles,
you eventually get a little bit stronger.
hopefully wiser,
and find a way to smile again.
most of the time anyway:)

i made this snow heart in your beautiful back yard.
everytime i see this photo, i think of you.
and this time, i'm gonna try to smile.
and say Happy Birthday to my WONDERFUL Dad!
with more love than you could ever know.


  1. Well, now you went and made me cry just before I head to bed. God bless you- It is hard. I can tell how much you loved your Dad. My Dad has been gone 41 years- I was pretty young when he died and I still miss him...every Holiday...every birthday...every day. You know what I think that means for you and for me? That we had really good Dads-Dads worth missing....missing until we see them again-- xo Diana

  2. Oh Diana, I think that is exactly what it means:) We were blessed when it came to father's for sure! You're so sweet...thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!!!


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