Friday, December 7, 2012

Dollar Store Christmas Decorating.........

okay, who doesn't LOVE the dollar store?
come on, admit it.......
you go there for SOMETHING every once in awhile,

either way, you are gonna be AMAZED at what crafty projects
you can create from goodies found at the dollar store.
i mean it!
you'll SERIOUSLY think some of these are really COOL!
so sit back and check out THESE festive pretties!


glitter goes with everything, especially at the Holidays.
here we have miniature Christmas village houses from the dollar store, 
spray painted and glittered.
love em!
(visit for her tutorial:)
also, thanks to Martha Stewart,
crafty people everywhere are snatching up little deer, snowmen, fruit
and anything else you can think of,
painting on a bit of glue and glittering them up!
just think of what you could GLITTER!

create your own little winter wonderland with the GORGEOUS,
oversized snowflakes at our favorite store!
hang them in the window, on the front door, outside with twinkle lights........
glue them together to make a wreath or, for the MOST clever idea........
glue them on vintage paper, sheet music, stationery or whatever,
 slide them in a frame and VOILA.........instant art!
i use these all the time!
we decorated a winter nutcracker themed float for a
 Christmas parade last year and this year,
i spray painted them pink and added glitter, of course,
for a whimsical pink Christmas theme at the store.

don't ya just love ornaments?
so pretty, colorful and festive...........
and the dollar store has sleeves of them guessed it, a dollar!  
(once, when these store first opened, i was shopping with my mom
 and she made the mistake of asking the clerk how much something cost. 
 apparently this is the funniest question they get,
 so they yelled at the top of their lungs
  "everything's a DOLLAR":)  hahaha

so, if you have a clear vase or jar,
 grab some faux berries, some pinecones and ornaments and you're good to go!
this wreath can be made with $$$$$ store plastic ornaments a number of ways.

you can also glue ball ornaments on a regular wreath, on styrofoam, or the latest way to make them
is to thread them on a hanger.
lots of people have tutorials out there so go for it:)

possible my FAVORITE way to use them is to make a curtain of ornaments!!!
pick out your favorite cheapo ornaments, 
take them home, thread them on fishing wire, 
knotting around the loop on each one and attach to a tension rod to hang in the window.
is it just me, or is this REALLY cool?

candles are just plain festive, no matter how you like your decorations.
even unlit, they look so pretty!
and these are pretty incredible!
oh. my. gosh.   
just look at the candles in the hurricane vases.
looks like pottery barn or something,
but nope, they are made from dollar store candle sticks and vases, 
glued together with silicone and there you have your lovely candle holder display!
(visit momtastic for instructions:)

i love the tall candle holders too!
i've seen them there all the time but never would have thought of this.
simply apply words  or sayings from your scrapbook stash, embellish and you're done.
love it!!!!!

finally, if you put a bit of mod podge or white glue mixed with water
onto a candle and roll it in epsom salts,
you get a snowy, sugary candle!
who knew???:)

CANDY and TREES.............

okay, last we have some traditional, festive looking decorations in red and green.
fill those clear jars with candy canes and peppermints for instant decorating.
and using glue, spray paint, dollar store candle holders, glitter and styro cones,
you can make the cute trees.

so, there you have it!
no excuse for having an un-festive home now!
just head to your nearest dollar store and have at it:)
and remember to have FUN while you're at it!

i'm HOPING to do a PINK Christmas post on Saturday, so stay tuned.
(hope being the key word there:)


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