Monday, December 10, 2012

Cute Wreaths and Last Minute Christmas Gifts and Treats.............

it comes as no surprise that i like things simple.
as in super easy, anyone can do it kinda simple:)
it also comes as no surprise that i am one of the original 
Queens of the Last Minute!
which is why i am writing this post.
i know what i'm talking about.

okay, so you have a few friends coming over,
and YIKES.........where is that wreath for the front door?
well, you COULD go buy one.
i guess.
but that's boring.
if you MAKE one, they will oooh and ahhhh all night long.
and maybe they'll not notice you're feeding them those little
hot dogs things in a crescent roll.
(i happen to love those appetizers;)

but back to oohing and aahing, which they will do.
ESPECIALLY if you make one of these.............
Pretty awesome, don't ya think?
okay.......the "how to's";
1.  the top wreath (letter "P") is tiny ornaments hot glued 
to an over sized letter from Michael's.
now personally, i think i would spread various size pearls in a flat pan, 
apply glue to the letter and lay it in the pearls. 
 instant wreath:)

2.  oh. my. gosh.  don't you love the greenery letters?
just buy over sized cardboard letters from the craft store,
along with some thin-ish, cheap garland.  
Staple it to the letter and start winding, then staple when at the end.
(catty moment........please hang them straight. haha:)

3.  Again, head to the dollar store.  buy plastic ornaments.
glue the cap to the ornament. thread them onto a wire or hanger and
shape to your letter. very COOL!

4.  maybe the cutest, most festive and FUN wreath is this SANTA wreath.
this looks to me like a red rag tied wreath,
 but you could make it with a red feather boa and styrofoam wreath form, too.
fancy white letters from the craft store and a black belt complete the santa wreath.
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

moving on to last minute gifts.
okay........some people love gift cards and some people hate them.
but sometimes, you have no choice, either because of time
or because you don't know what they like.
so for these case, i say give a gift card.
and this year i have two favorites..............
1.  Amazon.  have you ever really looked at their site?
if there is something they don't sell, i have no idea what it is.
from books to phones to blenders to diamonds to underwear,
you can get it ALL.  sometimes for the best price, too:)

2.  an ETSY gift card.  i'm serious! 
 the number one place for cool, unique, creative items.  
i could spend days hours on this site:)

3.  we are off to the dollar store again.
this time, to buy plain white coffe mugs and sharpie pens.
then  it's home to customize them.........
with names, doodles, favorite quotes.......
whatever you like.
then pop them in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes,
and you have some GREAT gifts!
see for yourself...........
4.  this one is a silly little gift......but cute.
if your daughters are like mine, 
they want to give something to everyone.
so go to the store and buy some cool/pretty nailpolish.
attach a tag like this and you have a sweet, simple little gift!

oh gosh, you worked late and have NO treats for
your little neighborhood party.
you're pressed for time........and money.
what to do, what to do!
grab some strawberries, whipped cream, ritz crackers and Rolo candies.
make these little santa men for the kiddies,

 and then make these treats.
they aren't fancy, but they ARE yummy!
AND.........they aren't PALEO or whatever the heck the latest things is.
(sorry.....wait.  no i'm not!  it's the Holidays already:)

Rolo Stuffed Ritz Crackers
Simply place ritz crackers on a cookie sheet, and top each one with a Rolo candy. Place in an oven at 350ยบ. Remove when Rolos are melted and top with a second Ritz. Let cool to harden, and eat them by the handfuls. That's right........handfuls.  ho,ho,ho!:)
i told you they weren't pretty.  so put them on a pretty plate:)
see you tomorrow.......
P.S.  Hannah's mom will be having her surgery on Wed, 
due to some equipment issues.
longer for everyone to pray!

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  1. Suzanne, What cute, cute ideas. I have seen a couple of them but some of them are brand new to me. Still praying for Hannah's Mom- xo Diana


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