Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just Silence, Tears and God

those are not my words.
i  found them in a blog post done by
 Hannah, The Rustic Chick.

i love her blog!!!
love it, love it, love it!
she is my go to person for cowgirl stuff.......
fashion, cowboy wisdom.
i even found one of my favorite devotional sites from her,

Hannah is actually closer to my girls age than mine.
but that's ok.
it just means they can relate to the Rustic Chick when they visit.
and if i see something i think they should see (like dating wisdom:)
you can bet i share it:)
before i get to that (cause there are some cool quotes i want to share),
i have to explain the title to this post........
silence, tears and God.
Hannah sent out a prayer request this weekend.
her mom was having problems and undergoing tests.

moms are special, right?
just hearing this is enough to make one drop to their knees.
i found out this morning her sweet mom has a brain tumor
and is facing surgery tomorrow morning.
please, please please PRAY!

i remember last year 
when my dad was having surgery, 
i had people from all over the world praying.
it was such a comfort!
and God saw him through that surgery.  
In the end, he did not make it.  
he had fulfilled the purpose God had for him here on earth,
so he brought him home.
making him whole again yet breaking our hearts.
even though we knew he was in Heaven, still heartbreaking.

it's hard for me to even think about still.
i am blessed to know where he is right now
and that i will see him again.
how do people cope without that?
i can't imagine.

i had my own MRI a few years back........
to R/O (rule out) a brain tumor and MS.
not fun, waiting for those results.
they ruled out the brain tumor.
but not MS.
 i'm okay..........
and this isn't about me.
it's about Hannah's mom.

Hannah has such a strong faith in God,
which is the other reason i'm crazy about this young lady.
she knows he is holding her hand.......and her mom's.
but she still needs our prayers, so please pray.

and maybe you can visit her blog at this link and get to know my
 cowgirl "friend" for yourself:)
either way, thank you for taking the time to read this
 and for praying for Hannah and her family.

now for those cool dating quotes i found on her blog,
 and i shared them
with my own shabby chicks:)

now, don't you just love these?
and they came from the blog of a young girl determined to live a 
fun, happy, carefree, cowgirl kind of life.
a young lady whose head and heart are in the right place.
whose Faith is a wake up call for the rest of us.

Praying for your mama Hannah!


  1. Suzanne- What a powerful, moving post. I will pray for your cowgirl friend and I will go visit her. I love those dating quotes. They are so true- xo Diana

  2. Thank you so much for the extra prayers and post! You are so kind! :o)


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