Friday, December 14, 2012

Dream Come True. . . . . .

somehow, amidst all the sadness of young lives taken in Connecticut yesterday,
we have to remember that life goes on.
it is never easy,
but that's how it goes. 
we will go to sleep and God willing, wake up tomorrow.
we will pray for those hurting............
and live our day the best way we know how.

while so many saw dreams die yesterday,
my little girl is going to see one of hers come true on Saturday/
She has taken ballet since the age of 3 and watched the Nutcracker
 every single year at Christmas.

growing up, she loved her Barbies.
and two of her favorites were the Nutcracker Prince and Sugarplum Barbie.
even at play, she thought about her dream.

She has danced many of the parts in her young life...........
she has been a doll, spanish dancer, russian dancer, flower, snowflake, soldier, snow queen and the
sugarplum fairy.

but in her childhood journal, 
i found a note from her preschool 4 teacher saying when Taylor
introduced herself to her class as directed and told them what she wanted to be one day,
she said she wanted to be a ballerina when she grew up and dance the role of Clara in the Nutcracker.  
well, guess who is Clara in this year's Nutcracker?
my little girl!

she has worked so hard. . . . . . 
spinning, stretching, sweating. . .. . .
soaking feet and wrapping toes.

on Saturday and Sunday, she will lead her friends and fellow dancers on to the stage to tell the story of the Nutcracker.
not only is this a special day for her,
but for me too.
because that little girl I used to take to the ballet, is dancing a role she dreamed of.
a role she may or may not ever dance again.

and the whole time she is on stage, i will be silently cheering her on.
as her mommy and number 1 fan, i will be so proud.
proud of my little girl.


  1. Beautifully written, my first thought was Taylor will be so proud to read this, then I remembered, Taylor does not have a proud or selfish bone in her body! Wish I could see her in this part!

  2. Oh my goodness Sis, I just saw this. How bad...I don't even look at my own blog:). Thank you for saying this about my sweet Taylor! It was pretty special:)

  3. I really needed to read something happy like this. Thank you for sharing this wonderful achievement with us. It gives me a little more faith in mankind to know there are people like you and your family in the world.


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