Wednesday, December 5, 2012

20 days till Christmas......

does that make you smile or scream?  haha
here is how i look at it this year.......
i'd rather enjoy the moments more and worry less about details and things
we "always" do or "used" to do.
every year and every Christmas is special for 2 reasons......
we are celebrating Christ's birth and we are able to do special things for
those we love.

i realized last night i haven't "decorated" my blog for the Holidays,
so when i have time today, that's what i'll be doing.
please check it out tomorrow:)
for today, a quick peek at a few of my favorite things.......
and goodness knows i have a lot of those!

first of all, we all know i love ballerinas!!!!!
so imagine how excited i was to find these snowflake ballerinas.

to make, you simply cut out paper snowflakes and insert 
a ballerina into the center.
if you need to learn how to make the snowflakes,
the simplest thing is to google that.  
MANY templates will come up and you can pick the style you like.
click HERE to go to the site where you can get a template for the ballerina.

a few wreaths i love this season........
this wreath (boxwood?) with an oversize initial.

i might make one of these ornament wreaths........they are so easy,
and i really like it in all whites/champagne tones.

i am CRAZY about my new RED slipcover!
i have an IKEA sectional and can't recommend it enough,
 mainly because the slip covers are so cheap and you can change things up for a new look!
I will always love my WHITE slipcover,
 but living in Florida, this red makes it all a bit more festive.  
i'll probably keep it on through February:)

bucket list, bucket list.....
forget about making one for your life.......
maybe just make one for your Holiday season:)

are you a CRAZY mom?
well, don't sweat it.......
take the "crazy mom" challenge from iMom 
(one of my favorite sites ever!)

do you tend to panic and forget what you have to do on Christmas Eve,
besides get ready for Jesus' birthday?:)
well here you go........

well, enough for now.
need to do a blog makeover and...........
surf's up!


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  1. Suzanne, I had lost your blog from my lineup and just found it again today. I love those ballerina snowflakes! So cute. The kids are mighty cute, too. Hope you are having a good week-xo Diana


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