Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2012. . . .Fruit Loops, Swamps and Shabby Chic

i've never done one of these posts before.
i have to say, it's kinda FUN looking back on the year.
and it's really COOL to see which posts are the most 
POPULAR for your readers.

as you can tell by the title,
my blog posts are all over the place.
and my readers are looking for fun and
interesting posts about decorating, parties, FASHION and treats:)

 i thought i'd list the 10 posts, with a link to take you to each one,
just in case you missed out, you know:)
before i do,
thank you to the many, many wonderful readers who visit my blog
on a daily basis.
that is so much more than i deserve,
and i am so grateful!
i wrote 147 posts last year, and here are
My 10 Most Popular posts of 2012,
starting with 
number 10 and working down to number 1. . . . 

10.  for mom......a shabby chic dream cottage and soft, cuddly puppies......

9.  Cool Summer Treats and Cool Stuff to Do in the Heat of Summer!

8.  I Love LIME...the spring trend is NEON!

7.  Spring Fashion Week 2012...Pretty as a Princess

6.  Aloha...Palm Sunday, Bunnies, Bunny Bait and Hawaii

5.  lessons in decorating from a country girl/surfer girl/cowgirl....

4.  My Life in Candy

3.  i'm just crazy about mirrored furniture............

2.  (This one cracks me up)  Swamp People Birthday Party

never can tell, can you?:)

and my number 1 most popular post of 2012. . . . .

1.  fruit loops, prayer, recipes and Oscar dresses... 

so there you have it.
i have to say, this really surprises me. . . . .
but in a good way.
and i think it tells me something.
as i said before, my readers know they can come for a light,
fun, happy, pretty, positive blog post.
no rocket science here. . . .
my blog is what it is. . . .
and so am I:)


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