Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"who can turn the world on with her smile????"

"who can take a nothing day,
and suddenly make it all seem worth while?
well it's you girl, and you should know it,
with each glance and every little movement you show it. . . ."

i know what you're thinking.
you're thinking that song is from the Mary Tyler Moore Show,
and this post must be about her.

well, you're partially right.
it IS from the MTM show. . . . .
but this isn't about her.

it's about another beautiful girl,
 who lights up a room with her smile and laughter.
who makes people happy everywhere she goes.

who loves children and old people and animals,
who sings while she works. . . . .and when she rides her bike.
who skips and twirls through the house. . . .and through life.

this beautiful girl is my daughter, Taylor.
and this past week, she turned 18 years old.


i literally don't have it in me to write a sweet, tender,
emotional blog post.
i will be a big fat crying MESS if i do.
that's how it goes around here.
because just yesterday you were about this big. . . . . .

yes, we watch the Mary Tyler Moore Show,
and YES. . . . .i often cry during the theme song.
because that is my Taylor they are talking about.
and soon, i know, she will leave home and try to
"make it on her own" like Mary Tyler Moore.

and you know what?
she WILL make it.
and i WILL write her a long letter for her to keep always,
like the one you might think I would put on my blog.
but that will be for me and Taylor alone.
as it should be.
(you see Taylor, i don't ALWAYS blab my big mouth on my blog.)

you'll have to take it from me when i say she is an
AMAZING young lady.
she is KIND, thoughtful, fun, smart, carefree, responsible, easy going,
talented, friendly, moral and a lovely Daughter of the King.

she is a throwback to another time.
a time when girls grew up to be ladies and expected to be treated like one.
she is a mix of Mary Tyler Moore,

Audrey Hepburn, 
and Doris Day. . . .

with a little bit of Lucille Ball and Mary Poppins thrown in for FUN:)

she believes in wearing ruffled aprons while cooking and taking care of others,
Taylor is one great little hostess.
she loves pearls, lace and charm bracelets.
everything from show tunes to country music.

don't get me wrong. . . .
she does very well in this world, she just prefers vintage.
she can throw on a bathing suit, hop in her mini cooper and head to the beach
to catch a wave with the best of them.

but if she had her way, she'd be at a cozy tearoom instead:)

soon she'll be headed into the world to try and make her mark
as a professional ballerina.

i pray this works for her, because she has dedicated
 her young life to it completely.
but if it doesn't, if God has other plans for her,
she will be just fine.
she has a good head on her shoulders and is intrigued by many careers.
(if anybody needed 9 lives, it's Taylor.)

my one request, Taylor, is this. . . . .
as you go into this big, bad world,
please remember that with the freedom you now have to make your own decisions,
comes the RESPONSIBILITY to make the right ones.
remember you are never truly alone.
yes, you have me, to be at your side in an instant,
but even better than me, you have God by your side.
He will help you with those decisions, i promise:)
now, more than ever, you have to make good choices,
especially in the friends you choose to be close to.

did you think that lecture was over?
haha. . . .never!

you are a blessing to me every single day.
now i have to think about sharing you with the world.
that smile.  that laugh.  that sunshine.

i suppose i can't be selfish, can i?

i hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday. . . . .

and i know you will have a wonderful year.
don't let ANYBODY try to change you.
you're perfect just the way you are.
(even if you drive me a little crazy sometimes:) haha. . . .just kidding

from the very first moment, you were my "little girlfriend."
now that you're 18, you're still my "girlfriend."
and i look forward to many special girlfriend moments together.



  1. She is everything you said and more, in a word, unselfish!

    Love you Taylor

    Aunt Kathy

    1. Awww...thank you Kathy! We have some good girls (and boy...can't forget Kev:)

  2. Suzanne! That is an absolutely beautifully written tribute to your dear daughter. I hope her dreams come true and the love of her heart is her true vocation. God bless your sweet daughter on her Birthday...and God bless her Mom, too, that loves deeply as only a Mom can. xo Diana

    1. Thank you so much Diana! Such a sweet reply to my birthday post, and I am so grateful!!! xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday to Taylor, may all her dreams come true!

  4. A very Happy 18th Birthday to your Taylor! She is beautiful!

    This post was amazing! A wonderful tribute to your daughter. :)
    I am sure she loved reading this, and looking at all of the pictures!

    She is a beautiful Ballerina!

    God Bless Her in all of her endeavors! May she realize her hopes and dreams. :)

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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