Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hey Y'all,
My name is Maui and .........
Today is my Birthday!!
Woof, Woof, WOOF!
How old am I?
Well, I am 6 years old.
And everyone says I am just as SWEET 
as I ever was.
Here is what a day is like for me.
First, I wake my Mommy up.
I don't bark or anything.
That would be rude.
I just sit and stare at her.
Sometimes I give her a little tap with my paw.
Sometimes I sit and stare.
Cause I love my Mommy.
And she says I'm such a good boy:) 

I want her to play with me but she usually just takes me
for a walk first thing in the morning.

But I take my ball with me, just in case I get lucky:)

When we get back home,
I get my treat and then I usually just hang out with my
best buddy and brudder, Freddy.
Isn't he little?
And he's WAY older than me.
So sometimes he bosses me around.
But that's okay, cause he's my brudder and I love him

My Mommy usually has stuff to do for a little bit,
and then she goes to take a shower.
I DO NOT like to have her out of my sight,
so I beg to go in with her and just lay down......or sometimes I stare at her,
cause she's my mommy and cause I always want her to know
 I would like to go play with my ball
 and maybe swim a little bit.

Sometimes it works right away,
but sometimes I have to hang out with Freddy for awhile longer.
We like to lay on the balcony and look for squirrels.
Or sometimes the cat that lives behind us.

Sometimes we get tired of waiting so we go lay on the couch.

After we play,  it's my nap time.
Sometimes I take a nap by myself and sometimes my Mommy takes one with me.
She says I'm the best nap taker she ever knew.

 My Mommy says I am so stinkin cute,
especially when I take a nap.
That's because I know how to use a pillow
just like humans do.
And she thinks it's very cute:)

 After that, it's game time with my brudder.
I like to spend time with him,
cause he's getting old and has a really bad heart.
And I don't know how long I will have him to hang out with.
If anything happens to him,
that will make me a very sad boy.

Then I crawl in my favorite leather chair and watch some tv.
Or I watch my mommy in the kitchen.
I need her to know how much I LOVE her.

Or I go back outside and look for squirrels.......and cats........and birdies.

 Then we go for another walk and then my daddy gets home.
Before I know it, it's time for bed.
Can you believe my mommy and daddy let me sleep on their bed?
I know I'm kinda big,
and they say I weigh 80 lbs.
But I don't hog the covers or anything so they don't mind.
Today I hope to get a special treat for my birthday.
I heard my mommy say she might take me for a ride in my new jeep.
I hope so.
 Now THAT would be a treat:)
My name is Maui the Goldendoodle, 
and today I am 6 years old.

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