Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Mornings...Mason Jars + Chalk = Happy

Good Morning Lovelies!
Well, we all know Mason Jars are all the rage
these days. 
With good reason, if you ask me:)
There are SO many uses for them and they are truly
a part of the past AND present:)
Not to mention, here in the south, they are crucial to everyday life:)

So when I saw these at a FAMILY DOLLAR store last week,
I snatched up a few.  
Mason Jars with Chalkboard Paint for messages.
I know, I know...
an easy DIY.  But when I figured the cost of buying
 regular jars chalkboard paint, brushes, etc...
these were cheaper!
Like, $1.50 each!
Whoo Hoo:)

SO many uses, like I said.
Here's a few that we came up you'll come up with many more:)
Top left:  Party Favors
Left Lower Corner:  Picnic Jars
Middle Lower Row: Drinking Glasses (well use ever:)
Top Right Side:  Desk Jars for Pens, Treats, Spare Change or...
Center Right:  Sea Shells
Lower Right:  Bathroom Counter Jars...Toothbrush Holder, Makeup Brushes,
 Qtips & Cotton Balls.

So there you go!
If you have paint, get paintin.
If not, get to Family Dollar:)

Happy Monday Y'all!!!!



  1. Shoot! Now i have to find a family dollar near me. I only have a dollar tree thats close by. These are too cute and bonus that its already made with chalkboard.

    1. Holli, That's what I thought too:) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting:)


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