Friday, December 5, 2014

MERRY Little Christmas Treats

Hey there....
'tis the Season to be MERRY
and make MERRY treats;)
I'm talking fun, festive, easy, yummy kid-friendly treats!
I looked at my secret and not so secret (Pinterest) places
 and here are a few I want to pass on.......including links when available.
let's get started.......

First up we have "Grinch Kabobs".
 I told you easy, right?
a toothpick, grape, strawberry, banana slice
 and a mini marshmallow is all you need!  Yummmmm.

Rice Krispie Treats.......
Y'all know the recipe is on the box, right?
Just add green food coloring and build a Christmas Tree 

 Red Velvet Santa's Hat Brownies.....
Hmmmm.  What does one say about these except double YUM!!!!!
 (source...Cookies and Cups again:)

Pretzel Presents.......
these are new to me this year.  
Nothing fancy.......just square pretzels, melted chocolate and m & m's.

or how about a Grape Christmas Tree?
Styrofoam cone, toothpicks, grapes and You're done!

 One of my favorites are Powdered Sugar Donut Snowmen,
made with mini donuts.
Soooooo cute and easy!
These are from A Little Tipsy.

In keeping with the donut theme,
mini chocolate donuts, pretzels and red m & m's = Rudolph!!!
source: puertabella

Check this out.........
Strawberries and Bananas!
What a cute after school snack:)

 Last but not least, one of our all time favorites.....Santa Hats!!
We first saw this on a Disney Video and have made them every year since.
Simply use a vanilla wafer as the base and use a dab of whipped cream or frosting to stick the strawberry to it. Decorate your "hat" with frosting or whipped cream again.

Well, there you go!  I DID say easy:)


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