Monday, November 24, 2014

Hanging up her Pointe Shoes........

16 years of wearing leotards, pink tights and ballet sippers.........
and she's done.  Well, pretty much.
Yes, my Ballerina Girl is moving on.
And guess what?
She couldn't be happier.  (Now mama.......that's another story.)  LOL
To many this will come as a BIG surprise.
To others.......not so surprising.
For those of you who do not know Taylor personally, 
 let me paint a picture here........
She was always a little girly girl.........
in love with Barbies, Fairytales, Princesses and all things pink.

But even more, she loved Ballerinas.
She saw the Nutcracker when she was 3 and all she could ever
say was that someday she wanted to dance the role of Clara in the Nutcracker.
She wanted to be a Ballerina.
  (or Bannerina as she called it:)
She danced non-stop all through high school, 
often making sacrifices most teenagers
would never make.  But she loved what she was doing.
She was dedicated and focused.  
As time went on and she learned more about the world of Ballet Companies,
she asked us to let her go away for a year or so just to
see if she liked that life........
to see if she wanted to keep putting her body through
the daily grind.........
to see if she wanted to constantly compete/audition for 
even the most basic of roles.
We decided that if she was offered the chance, she could give it a try.

She accepted an offer from Joffrey Ballet to train for the year in Chicago.
She also has/had an offer on the table from Nashville Ballet II for this year.
Many people do not know any of this because she is not one to talk about herself.
We often receive questions as to what she is up to and it is awesome
to know so many care!
However, we have also heard a lot of misinformation
 about my sweet girl, which is unfortunate.
So here I am, MamaBear, setting the record straight.
Because she DESERVES that.
And in the process, I get to write one last ballet post.
(Please forgive me for all the pictures, but I couldn't resist:)
She has worked hard and lived her young life with integrity, morals and values intact.
Like everyone, she's made a few honest mistakes.
But she has been and always will be a wonderful role model for younger girls.
She has simply made a decision that she feels is best for her.
And after all, it IS her decision, right?
She still lives to make others happy.......and if you could meet her and see 
her shining light for yourself, you would all understand.
You would also understand that to see this girl unhappy is heartbreaking.
To see her smile NOT shine so bright is the saddest thing ever.
To hear that she is not enjoying the whole routine,
To hear her say that there are so many things she wants to do in life
and to hear her question why she is expected to only focus on this ONE thing
makes you realize that she has far more GIFTS to offer, in addition to
 the gift of being a beautiful ballerina.
(as her family, we knew that......... but maybe we needed a little reminder:)
This girl loves to laugh.
As I said, she loves making people happy.
Performing, in some capacity, is in her blood and still burns brightly.
She absolutely adores ballet and always will.
Even more, she adores the school and the people that helped her get so far, 
Naples Academy of Ballet.
If they ever need anything from her, she will be their biggest supporter.
She had opportunities to dance roles with Naples Ballet 
that many professionals never see if they do not reach the upper levels in a company.
She is my Soldier, Harlequin, Spanish Dancer, Snowflake, Snow Queen, Dew Drop, Sugarplum Fairy and her dream.......Clara.
She's been gracefully twirled and lifted into the air by

She has also been Swanilda......the lead in Coppelia, a Cat, Peter in Peter and the Wolf, 
Peter in Peter Pan and the 
LILAC FAIRY in Sleeping Beauty.
And even more, if I say so myself.
(Forgive me for bragging, but I'm her Mama...I'm supposed to:)
She knows what it's like to dance through the pain........
those ballerinas on their a steep price, trust me.
She has danced through nerves and wardrobe malfunctions.
The show goes on, you know.........with a SMILE:)

Because of this, she can confidently say that she has danced the roles she dreamed of
for the place that was her second home, Naples Ballet,
 and hopefully made many in the
audience smile.

Also, we will forever be grateful to and supporters of Nashville Ballet.  
Besides being in a southern, countrified cool city, the people there and the company are amazing and understand the pressures these young dancers face! 
(In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to find my country girl living in Nashville someday!)

The self-discipline, the life skills and the doors that have been opened
 for her already, because of ballet, are incredible.
The friends she has made........priceless!
Because of ballet, she has had the opportunity to live in Chicago for a year, 
in a high rise downtown apartment. (lucky:)
She has spent summers training in Alabama (Roll Tide:) with the American Ballet Theater,
Ohio with Ballet Met, Maine with Bossov Ballet,
 Boston with Boston Ballet, Chicago with Joffrey Ballet
and in various places around Florida, including Naples Ballet and her first real training grounds with Ballet Florida in W. Palm Beach.
She has danced for Opera Naples and many community events.
Taylor even spent a few years modeling ballet costumes and poses for
a local artist/art teacher.
Yes, she's already lived an interesting life.........
and it's only just beginning:)

What's next for my Sugarplum?
 (ahem.....this will always be her nickname around here:)
well, that and Taylorina Ballerina.  heeheehee
Let's just say that whatever it is, it won't be ordinary.
She has a way of finding and doing interesting things.
Within a week of being home she landed a job at Island Company
( on 3rd St in Naples.)
After only a few months, she was approached by them to train for a promotion.
However, her happy, smiling face was noticed by somone one night and she was offered
 a wonderful position with Michael Kors at Waterside shops.
(as in "project runway" Michael Kors:)
She is now working there and absolutely loves it!
(And she may be meeting Mr. Kors himself very soon, so she is SUPER excited:)
She has also had other offers but that might be considered bragging.......
and we don't do that, right?;)

She still wants to perform in some way, shape or form.
Most definitely!
Dancing, Acting or (Disney Princess maybe????)
In fact, she is teaching ballet to young girls at the Boys and Girls Club of Naples,
on behalf of her school,  Naples Academy of Ballet.
Taylorina the ballet teacher!!!
Teaching is much harder than one might think and she has a lot to learn,
but she LOVES it!
Taylor is taking online courses through the University of Central Florida.
She has something very cool in mind and is soooooooo excited about it.
(Hint:  She just may be Naples, Florida next
 Primo.........or should I say "Prima" Wedding and Event Coordinator
........with a twist;)
That's all I'll say for now!
And, that is just one of the ideas floating around here.
One thing that's for sure, this girl WILL land on her feet.
Or her TOES!   (lol.......a little ballet humor;)

Everyone in our lives has been SO supportive and encouraging
to her through the years.
 It may be her decision and her life,
but she is well aware that she has many people to thank.
So thank you!!!!!!!!!
And stay tuned.
If as they say, the best is yet to come, it should be pretty awesome:)
To all young ballerinas out there, if this is what you love, go for it!
Taylor will be your biggest cheerleader!
She loves passing on little tips she has learned along the way.
But really go for it, because that is what is needed.
Ballet has to be your LIFE, not just a small part of it.
At least at the beginning of your career.
She will never regret these years
and is happy she got the chance to go away to train.
Just because she has other plans for life and is over the whole effort to 
get noticed and all that, it doesn't mean ballet isn't a beautiful life for some.
That's probably why she wants to keep it in her life.

                            Well, I guess that's it!
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
If you're around Waterside Shops in Naples, Fl,
stop in Michael Kors store
 and say Hi to Taylor.
She gets SO excited when someone she knows comes in:)
Or look for her in ballet class.
(She's looking forward to taking class after this longer than anticipated break:)
Taylorina/'ll always be our star.
BRAVA, beautiful girl.
You did yourself proud:)  And you made all of us proud too:)
Once a ballerina, always a ballerina!

A.K.A proud mama


  1. As you should be, a very proud, Mama to a very beautiful and talented daughter. Hope she realizes her accomplishments as much as those looking in. Wishing her much happiness and all that life has to offer. xoxoxo

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful young woman. I can see why you are so very proud. She has done so much in her life already, looks like nothing can stop her, what ever she chooses to do. Again, how proud to be her Mother, and she so lucky to have a Mom like you!!!!


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