Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Barn wood Inspiration...or Mom, This is Your Fault!

So, is this post about barnwood or am I upset with my mom?
Never fear........i'm not fighting with mamabear.
But........my new obsession is a tiny bit her fault.
And my dad's.
Yep.......that wonderful man!
You see, I really like the direction my house/decor is going.
Whites, creams, rustic woods and signs, metallic, burlap, western.
Hahahaha........yes, it's ALL going on in here:)
I think I'm rebelling against living in Florida and the HOT weather we get
9 months out of the year. 

Anyway, I realized what is missing in my house.
A barnwood accent wall!
And that is exactly what my mom has in her family room.
(Her colors are darker and warmer than mine though)
For me, in my very light house, that wall would be awesome!  
The contrast is really popular and very fresh, too.
Now if only I could get wooden beams for the ceiling.
Oh wait.......she has those too.
From old railroad ties!

I mean, just look at some of these rooms.
Accent walls, tables stairs, beams, shelves, beds........
you name it, it's happening right now!
But I have no way to do this, so I use accent pieces.
Better than nothing............
unless my mom lets me do a makeover in her room.
it wouldn't take much..........it could be AWESOME!
Okay, I'll stop.

But before I do,
look at some of these wall hangings made from barnwood.
LOVE them!
United states barnwood cut out source: All things thrifty
"purpose" sign, upper left corner: lissalaneous thoughts

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