Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall, Mom Caves and...I'm Back. ALREADY!!!

Okay, before i get started,
let me say i think i'm back on this here 'ol blog for good.
I tried switching to wordpress and it's just too much for this fried brain
to figure out.  Who has time for that?
This will be just fine.  I'm tired of the address but.......I'll survive.
The main reason I tried the move was because I was starting to hear
of friend's blogs going missing.  THAT would be a bummer.
I realize I probably have 3 readers and that's cool.
But it's MY blog and it shouldn't go missing.
Having said that, I guess I'll have to take my chances:)
But I'm still changing the name to CRAZYBlessed.......cause I am.

Movin on.......
I've spent a lot of time indoors this steamy summer.
Tired, so not getting much done.
But I did manage to make myself a 
It's done in whites and creams, with touches of burlap, glitz, and RUSTIC.
I love rustic chic these days!
Totally me.
I finally found MY style:)
Here are a few individual pics to show you a few more details.
My daybed, complete with twinkle lights:)  
A few sale items here...
the star pillow was from Pottery Barn.....$14.99.
Not bad!
I made the cowprint pillow.  (I know, it looks like it:)
The burlap bulletin inspiration board.....was $10.00.
Yep!  Ten whole dollars from the White Elephant here in Naples.  
Regular $199 from Ballard designs.  (Tags still on:)

I have my little writing do what, I don't know.
But it's there if I need it!
Check out my COOL deer head.
Another SCORE!
Hard to see detail but it's a faded burlap quilted look, by Cynthia Rowley.
HomeGoods strikes again! lol
Been making a lot of embellished mason jars.
They make great holders in bathrooms, kitchens, on name it.
There's something about an old fashioned jar wrapped
in burlap, lace or twine and adorned with jewels or even seashells.
And look at this vintage sewing chest.  
Apparently it was used to hold thread and other supplies.
My daughter found it at a thrift store and since she never has much money
on her, it was CHEAP!
(She's stocking up for those Southern Rustic Weddings she'll be doing someday;)
A closer look at some of the different jars and bottles.....
And don't miss the gold pumpkin and gold tipped feathers........
cause what home is complete without gold tipped feathers?
 and last but not least,
we can't leave out a touch of the beach.
Or in this case,a HUGE metal sign!
We found it at the flea market.
I'm thinking I will poke holes and add lights to make it
 a marquee sign.
I'm kind of hung up on fringe in every way so I need to add a touch of
that when I find it.
There is also a cool vanity with a vanity stool covered in.......
you guessed it!
Cow print.
I need a ranch.  In Texas.
But for now, I'll settle for my Mom Cave.
Thanks for visiting.

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