Saturday, October 4, 2014

OOPS...Five on Friday, I mean Saturday. All about FRINGE!!!

So this is my Five on Friday......on Saturday,  Blog Post:)
(Missed a day there:)

Every time I do a "fashion" post, I think
"what the heck am I doing writing a fashion post?"
Lil 'ol Me........flipflops and bluejeans me!
Well, I know what I like so that's gonna have to be 
good enough:)

So, let's talk about FRINGE.
Have you noticed it is EVERYWHERE?????
We love it......not so much because it is popular now but
because it goes with our favorite style and decor look these days.......
Rustic Chic.
So, I want to give you a few ideas for rocking the fringe this year.
Now don't be saying "I'm too old for that".
Not listening!
You can add a tiny bit...just maybe not full on fringe.
Prada agrees.  So there:)
Moving on, let's start with how you WEAR it.

1.  Fringe Scarves
Now, anyone can wear a fringed scarf, don't you think?

2.  Fringe Sweaters/Ponchos/Wraps
Aren't these some adorable looks?  
Plus, they're very forgiving if you want to hide a
muffin top, hips or whatever............

3.  Fringe Bags!
This is where you can find fringe in any store.
My daughter works at Michael Kors and he has some adorable fringe.
So maybe you don't want a heavily fringed bag.  
Try just a little fringe tassle if you like.  It works!

4. Fringe Shoes & Boots!
(Boots too.....there are TONS of fringed boots out there this year.
Cowboy boots, dress boots, snow boots, low boots, high boots.......
a little fringe or MEGA fringe:)

Last but not Least.....
5. LIVE with it!
Fringed pillows, rugs, throws, lamps and ottomans,
to name a few.
(the ottoman, and pillows are from our beloved
Junk Gypsies's line at Pottery Barn Teen and.........
they will find their way here, no doubt;)

So there you have it.
5 ways to add a bit of fringe this Fall.
Go ahead, you can do it!

So happy to be joining Five on Friday!
Visit the other lovely blogs to see what 5 things they shared with us.

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