Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Older I Get, The Less "Gray Areas" There are For Me.....

Gray Area- 

definition; a situation in which the rules are not clearor in which you are 

not sure what is right or wrong.   Uncertainty and being uncertain; 

 uncertaintydoubtreservationquestion,reservedistrusta question mark

 over somethingscepticismdoubt yourself...

The other day, my husband said to me "Don't sugarcoat it.  Clearly there is no gray area 

with you.  It's black or white. "

Made me think.

We weren't even having a profound discussion or anything.

I believe I shared.....strongly.....my opinion of a sports broadcaster who had the

NERVE to criticize my favorite football team!

(The nerve, I say!!!)

He's right about one thing......I am loyal to a fault so if someone or something I love gets 

criticized.....it's VERY clear to me!

But what about the rest of life and it's issues?

I realize that my gray areas......those murky waters of indecision are getting less and less.

Oh.....I still can't make up my mind to save my LIFE about what to order for dinner,

Or what color throw pillow to buy, or what color to paint the bathroom.

But when it comes to ISSUES......political, parenting, education, FAITH.......

I pretty much know what I think/believe and that's that.

Black or White.

I will listen to other ideas and if there is a need I will try to see things 

in a different way.

But I can't make promises.  Does that sound terrible?

I believe what I believe and I am passionate about it.

I personally think that our society has been dumbed down and we have lost our voice because 

we are all so worried about being politically correct.

Who said we need to agree all the time?  We don't.

We can be kind......and compassionate....but be who you are and say what you feel.

  Kind of like my favorite football team.  To me, they are perfect.

So don't mess with me.....or them.

Roll Tide:)

What about you?  Black and White?  Or are you more in the Gray area?



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