Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Style 101.......25 Top Tips!

So here I go again, passing on style tips that
I could use myself!  Oh well...let's figure this out together:)
~Wear scoop or v-neck tops to frame the face and "open you up"; few of us look our best in crew neck.  
~Wear blouses with camisoles, and leave the first 2 to 3 buttons open to reveal a small triangle of skin.  Popping your collar a tiny bit (keyword: tiny) frames your face and elongates your neck
~If you want to wear a turtleneck and can pull it off, go for it.  But avoid mock turtlenecks…..they tend to shorten your neck
~If you are very petite, stay away from large cowl necks or too many ruffles that overwhelm you
~Length of tops is important.  Not too short (you need enough to "scrunch" around your hips, reinforcing a smaller waistline); not too long (you don't need to frame the bum)
~Avoid baby doll tops unless you are in fact a baby doll or you are pregnant
~Avoid pockets on your tops…….specifically pockets that are very small or very large

~To balance the hips, choose a boot cut pant, narrow through the hip and thigh, slightly flared from the knee down.  This cut reinforces an hourglass shape.  (However, if you want to downplay too much hourglass, do the opposite)
~Skinny pants create an inverted triangle.  Wear only if the area you want to emphasize is your best area.
* * * *Pants that are cuffed pull the eye down and shorten the legs. Pleated pants add bulk around your stomach
~Cargo pants add bulk to the worst possible spots - your hips and thighs.  Avoid these like the plague.   (Hey….I’d give anything to wear a cute pair but no supermodels here so we avoid them:)
~Capris shorten the legs and widen the ankles. Choose a length more akin to a peddle pusher that hits right at the ankle (think Audrey Hepburn)  
~Skirts look best at or just above the knee.  Choose a pencil if you are comfortable with your waistline.  A-line and gored skirts are great for pear and apple shapes
~Wear long skirts (as in below the calf) with boots and make sure they're cut on the bias so they don't look frumpy

~Supposedly, shoes with pointy toes, cut-away arches and those cut low at the toe are the most.  flattering because they extend the long vertical line of your legs (I disagree…they look like wearable boats!)  
~Avoid chunky heels, t-straps and ankle straps as they visually cut off the leg. (Only if this is a concern)
~Throw away all your man clogs.  
~Choose well-made shoes in good materials - you are taking care of your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back if you do
~No matter the color of dress/skirt you are wearing, nude pumps are the most flattering and elongating.  Watch Miss America sometime.  

~Pair black with other neutrals (as opposed to primary colors) - white, camel, grey, brown, etc. for a more sophisticated look.  Pair with bright primaries if you have the coloring.
~Pair primary colors (pink, blue, green, yellow, etc.) with white or off-white for a fresher look
~As for khaki pants and shorts - this is the color of school uniforms and camp counselors, and restaurant hosts.  If the shoe fits……. hehehe
~Pattern is tricky.  Look at the best dressed women - they most often dress in solids and add interest with their accessories.  I know trends sometimes show patterns but proceed with caution.  They are tricky…….
~Choose statement jewelry instead of a bunch of teensy pieces. 

* * * *Most of all, wear what you love in the color you love, regardless of the "latest" trends.  Trust your instincts.  You need to be comfortable, happy and functional.  These are just SUGGESTIONS...not law:)

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