Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ballerina Girl

Taylor... the little ballerina girl. Dressing up and twirling almost before she could walk. Through the years, dreaming of sugarplum fairies and tutus.

13 years later...dreams do come true. Regardless of what paths Taylor may take in life, she has worked hard, performed in the Nutcracker a number of times, danced on pointe and made wonderful, life-long memories and friends to go with them.

She has been away for a month, living in W. Palm Beach while taking summer classes at Ballet Florida with her friend Becca. Becca's family welcomed her into their home and treated her as their daughter this past month and I will be forever grateful to them for that. She has loved her classes and is having the time of her life with her old friends. This weekend is her summer performance and she has a ballet solo, so she is especially excited. There is something so special about watching your child do something that brings them so much joy...particularly when that child is as precious as Taylor.


  1. I absolutely LOVE those ballerina pictures of Taylor as she grew! What a cute scrapbook that's going to make. I love the cover too. . can I just pay you to make scrapbooks for my kids too? =)

  2. I will be happy to make your scrapbooks, as long as you don't want them until they graduate from high school!!!LOL. Seriously, I am inspired by the scrapbooks you make which are incredible, so you are my scrapbook hero! Thank you for the comments.


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