Friday, June 12, 2009

It's mine!!!!

The vanity is mine. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a professionally refurbished yet shabby vanity from the 1920's. Perfect working order...perfect for our home. This baby will be with us for as long as it is standing, I promise you! (Did you know, the fabulous shape of the mirror is called a "tiara" mirror? I love it for that reason alone!!!! hahaha) Thank you all for your kind comments and thoughts.

It's my turn for a giveaway so in honor of my 200+ followers, I bought some fabulous things today for one special reader. I'll post details later today for my fabulous followers. Hugs!!!!!


  1. Love it! Very unique and so, so pretty.

  2. Yay...congratulations Suzanne! I'm so happy you got it. It just seems to be so 'you'!

    I love it too, it's beautiful!

  3. it's lovely! i'm curious how much shipping will be!

  4. Oh it is so beautiful! Yeah you! (and your daughter who will one day be sitting there in her wedding gown)

  5. I love fixing up old good wood! It has so many possibilities.
    Congrats on "winning" it! ;-)


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