Monday, June 8, 2009

Memory Lane...Favorite Clothes

I love faded blue jeans, especially if they are soft, even ripped-out, frayed denim. To me, this is my perfect outfit and on most days, you will find me wearing a pair with a tank top and cute (hopefully) flip-flops. Add a few patches and look what you have...

But my all-time favorite was inherited from my sister, Debbie. They were a pair of denim bib-overalls that I must have worn when I was about 12 or 13. She had hand-embroidered stuff all over them and they were SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! Finally, a hand-me-down I couldn't wait to get my hands on. I can't believe we didn't keep them. My girls would love them...I think:-) Anyway, I just had the great idea to embroider a pair of their ripped, faded jeans. Our very own pair of "sisterhood of the traveling pants":-) How about you...what is your all-time favorite outfit? A prom dress, first bikini, school jersey???

(P.S. This is not me in the jeans...I wish!!!!!)


  1. Ok my Ben Casey Dr shirt, I actually wore this to school with white/black saddle shoes in the sixth grade! I must have looked like a dr:)


  2. Oh...I love bib overalls! I think I'm happiests in jeans a sweatshirt and nothing on my feet!

  3. How cute are those!! I'm also the girl who loves the broken in jeans.

  4. How cute are your jeans?!

    I have a favorite pink robe from when I was five that is tucked away in a box at my mom's house. I wish I could still wear it! ;-)

  5. I love those jeans. I recently bought a pair at American Eagle, with a few rips in the knees, and are worn looking. I wore them the other day, and my husband said "looks like you could use some new jeans." I didn't have the nerve to tell him that I just bought them! LOL
    Have a great week!

  6. Hi, although I am a man, middle aged professor in Norway, I'm into into this kind of comfortable fashion, old patched jeans and overalls, in fact so much so that together with some of you fellow sisters in the south, see the links to some of them on my blog, are organizing an international overalls day November 20, and it could really be fun to see you in your old overalls !


So, what do ya think? Do tell...I'd love to hear it:) Be Happy...

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