Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vintage Vavoom...

I just checked this book out of the library and it is amazing! It's full of little ideas for that vintage/shabby look.

In fact, it inspired me to do a little shopping at estate sales and vintage shops today. Taylor came with me and we found some of the coolest things and had a blast going back in time.

First of all, I have a partial set of my mom's china that is pink and so shabby sweet.

I have been trying to buy odds and ends pieces to go with it in a vintage mismatched way and look what I found...

8 bowls of the china but in blue. SWEET!!!

We also bought these 2 albums for cheap, which is perfect since Taylor has been wanting some old album covers for her room.

On to one of my favorite vintage/consignment stores, Audrey's Attic. Taylor had a blast looking at all the old prom dresses and other stuff. Here she is modeling a few. Sorry for the photo quality...we were literally in the attic of the store playing dress-up so the lighting wasn't good and all I had was my phone.

First up...Taylor in the biker chick boots...

Here comes the bride...

Ooh lala...what a divine robe!

How embarrassing...I had an outfit like this...HUGE shoulder pads and all. Can you say "Dynasty"????? hahaha

Last but not least, meet my southern belle...

We ended up buying this cute little sweater for Taylor that is so chic vintage girl:-)

She also got an adorable Lilly skirt too...and finding a deal on Lilly is always a good thing, right?

Guess that's it for our vintage Saturday.
Hope your weekend is just as nice!


  1. I absolutely love your mom's china. How wonderful that you found other pieces to go with it - I love it when stuff like that comes together. I must check out that book. Oh - and I loved the fashion show. :)

  2. awesome that you found the blue china - isn't shopping FUN! :)

  3. Hey, have you ever checked out Replacements Ltd to find the missing pieces of Homer Laughlin's "Marilyn" aka your mom's china? They have a lot of it!!! I know, since I just ordered six, 5 piece place settings! I love it!! It also comes in a beautiful shade of green and a yummy yellow!

    m ^..^

  4. Hi, I love your blue china and Taylor's cardigan is adorable, Have a great Sunday x

  5. Wow...what a fun day. I could have some fun in that shop myself! I am jealous you got the albums, two of my very favorite movies (not to mention soundtracks)!

    You have a beautiful model there!

    God bless your weekend.

  6. I love the pink china and the outfit photo's, so fun. Some cute pieces there ;)


  7. Ooo forgot to say HI to puppy and a

  8. wow my first comment did not go through...

    awsome it..

    i love following you

  9. I really love vintage too and could browse through shops like that all day. Hey what are you saying about shoulder pads, (just let me go get mine from the cupboard...) I wore those circa 80's too lolol

  10. Looks like you had a great day with your daughter!! I love the pics of her posing!

    How cool that you found the same china pattern but just in a different color!

  11. The fashion show was "fierce" (Project Runway!)

    And I love your mom's china - truly shabby chic!


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