Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Confession Time...Something I Am REALLY Good At...

I've never admitted to this. Well, maybe I've joked around about it but this time I'm seriously coming clean.

There's something I am really good at...
And that something is...


Had you there, didn't I? You thought this was some big confession.
Well yes and no!
I mean, my TO DO list today was never-ending.
I started out okay.

Walked the dogs, made the bed, visited a few blogs, took Jordie to the dentist, put away laundry and did one more load...which now that I think of it might still be in the washer.
Gave advice on a Biology assignment, made lunch...
and then sat down to eat it and play with my iPad at the same time.

BIG mistake. I started messing with the color splash app, which if you haven't tried it you are missing some SERIOUS fun. It takes any photo in your albums, turns them to black and white and allows you to hand color whichever part you like. Or, you can write something and the words turn into the color of the object originally. (did that make sense???)

So here are the masterpieces I wasted the afternoon on.
Before you say anything, I know. Stick to the list next time!;)
But I had fun. I always did think "coloring" was relaxing!

Hope your day was wonderful...and more productive than mine!;)


  1. I love that app, highlighting one thing with color!

    I spent the entire day running errands I had been putting off. Lots of returns. Now, I'm back home sipping a glass of wine, chilling out.
    Got my results... all clean except that one nodule, which did grow a bit. But... I consider that good news! Boy, stress is exhausting isn't it?!

  2. We lived in Panama City Beach until very recently. Your pictures sure make me miss it!

  3. That's the best method of wasting time I've seen in a long while!

  4. I would still be sitting there doing that, how fun!!!! Ok, I think I need an Ipad now.

    Blessings to you!


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