Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Keeping it SIMPLE...

So, I thought I was doing a good thing.
Simplifying my life.
 I mean, I rarely have time to take care of my little blog...
hardly post, very late answering comments.
And even worse, I have very little time to visit my special friends on their blog.
Shame on me:)
So...time to make a change, right?
I turned over my little tutu making "business" to my daughter, Taylor.
She makes better tutus than I did anyway!
Look at this sweet peach tutu dress

she made for a lady in Australia.
 This week I went downtown to deliver a few of her tutus to Vintage Charm,
 the most "charming" store in all of Naples,
and also to deliver a few of these CUTE pumpkins,

if I say so myself, as a little gift to say thank you for wanting Taylor's tutus in her store.
I felt lighter as I went along. 
Good move, Suzanne!
Sometimes you have to take time for yourself...
Time to work on whatever projects make me happy.

The lovely lady who owns the shop was very kind...
still wants the tutus...

and fell in LOVE with the pumpkins!
So much that she immediately ordered a bunch of sets.

Guess I know what my next project is!
Oh, and she remembered hearing about some beaded belts I made a few years back...

  loves the idea of those...
and wants as many as I can make before Christmas.
And then there is the little matter of the beaded Christmas tree I made one year...

she would like to order those too...again, as many as I can make. much for scaling back!
Me and my BIG mouth!:)
 What to do, what to do...
I know, what I want to do, right?
Stay tuned...

Speaking of Christmas, only 79 more days:)
I know, I're all enjoying a lovely Fall.
But since we don't get much of a Fall down here, 
we might as well get excited about Christmas!
And to get us in the spirit, we found these Santa Snuggies... know, for all of that
frigid weather we get in Florida.  hahaha crafts or Christmas plans until I have checked in on my friends:)
See you soon...promise!


  1. Wow, that sounds far from simple my friend. That is wonderful that your incredible talents are being sought after though.

    I love the beaded belts, they are adorable! And I think those pumpkins are very cute too. I need to get decorating for Fall here before Winter is upon us!

    Blessings to you my friend!

  2. Girl - you have such talent! It's amazing! I wish I were half as crafty!!! God has given you an amazing gift - thanks for sharing it with the world!

  3. Hmmm I would say God has other plans for you and your talents! Love the pumpkins, what are they made out of??

  4. Love this post Sis! I had to laugh at each new thing she ordered:) You are sooooo talented, have fun. I have to dig out my little pumpkins, I soooooo love them:)


  5. ooooh! thank you dear one for your visit to my place, wonderful post and I tooo! love those beautiful blinged pumpkins, they all look so perfect in a piled up group! I can see that you have busy hands as well. I love your creative energy over here.

    Your beautiful girls are such a blessing are they not :)

    Cannot wait to see your Christmas plans :)
    See you soon!

  6. Your daughter does a WONDERFUL job on the tutus! All your goodies are so beautiful, I can see why the store wants lots more!
    I hope you'll be at Pink Saturday this weekend, I made you my link! If not, still have a wonderful PINK weekend! Suzie

  7. Wow! Your very talented and your girls inherited that wonderful trait as well. I wanted to invite you to read my post titled "Miss Sophie Sparks". I know that your in prayer fighting MS and I was hoping you would add this little girl to your prayer chain. We love looking and reading your beautiful blog!

  8. I those pumpkins ...too sweet !!! You sound alot like me Im always taking way too many orders!!!

  9. Hi Suzanne,
    Pretty tutus and I love the pink pumpkins! Your decorating style sounds a lot like my own; shabby, chic, vintage, beachy, cottagey, frenchy...glad I found you. Nice to 'meet' you.


  10. I'd love a ROOMful of those pumpkins, sooo sweet. Happy PS,
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Halloween fun giveaway

  11. Good for you and Taylor! You for letting go of something you are ready to let go of and Taylor for running with it! Those pumpkins are adorable!
    I very much enjoyed your London post. I have always wanted to visit there. It looks like you had an amazing time!

  12. Well I think when you make such pretty goodies, that's what happens, ha! Enjoy.


  13. thanks for stopping by with your encouraging words friend!
    I "peeked". I've learned a bit about reading the scans. I put my scan CD in my computer and saw the spot (I know where it is). They have a measurement tool right there, and it did grow. bummer. I see the doctor on Friday to get the report and discuss what we do if anything right now. I've learned to accept the "watch and wait", knowing I'll need the surgery one of these days. But for now, I'm breathing with 2 whole lungs, and enjoying life!
    Hope you are well, I think of you often!

  14. WEll, no wonder she wants to order all these things for her store! They are marvelous!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that beaded tree!!


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