Friday, November 12, 2010

Happiness is...

...PINK Saturday!
And today is a special one for this shabby chick...
because Beverly from How Sweet The Sound has FEATURED me on
today's Pink Saturday.
How Sweet the Sound
THANK YOU Beverly...
can you see me blushing...PINK, of course:)
As always, it's so wonderful of you to take the time to create a special day for us pinkies!!!

Now...I always thought if this happened I would have the most AMAZING
pink post ready to go.
What is it they say about the "best laid plans"...
they do go astray sometimes, don't they!

In between getting my house painted and just generally running on empty,
I'm afraid this is NOT the PINK blockbuster I had planned.
And to all who visited my blog for the BARN party and
I WILL be by to visit...
just a bit late, as usual.
My bed is calling me:)

Okay, okay...enough rambling!
On with my happy pinks for today...

Happiness is TEACUP CANDLES...
made by Taylor. 
 Cute, huh?

Happiness is an adorable feather tree with...

pink starfish:)

Happiness is Jordan's "cashmere" pink tree 
and stocking 
 with the CUTEST ornament EVER.
 (tree...Walmart...$20...not too "shabby":)

Happiness is a fluffy pink tutu...
 just like a Southern BELLE!

And last but not least...
Happiness is a yummy PINK cake ball.
 These are sooooooo good!
(visit for recipes and instructions)

Well, that's it for my pink pretties today.
I hope you like them.
Grab a cup of tea (or light a candle) and make yourself some cake balls.
You'll be so happy you did and your PINK saturday will be even more special!



  1. What a lovely pink post! My favorite is the pink tutu! I am a sucker for anything ballet related...must be the dancer in me! Happy Pink Saturday to you!


  2. Happy Pink Saturday Suzanne Sweetie...
    I will take one of those pink cake balls while we stroll about the house just taking in all the beauty this evening.

    Now please tell Jordan that her cashmere pink tree is exquisite right down to that sweet little moose. How cute Jordan.

    And Taylor your candles are so wonderful. I love the one on the left. So pretty and pink roses of course.

    Now Suzanne I just know that you are behind the beautiful starfish tree creation. It just took my breath away.

    Thank you so much for sharing this evening. I have so enjoyed myself. And if you don't mind, I am taking another one of those pink cake balls for the road. I just couldn't resist.

    I pray you are well and have enjoyed your day today.

    Many hugs sweetie and SO much love, Sherry

  3. Oh I love the pink starfish and the feather tree. I LOVE cakeballs, I make them way too often. Ann

  4. Am loving the Starfish!! Have a happy PS! Enjoy your weekend!


  5. A Pink Christmas, that is for me!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. All your pink things are lovely..And the words you have to say about faith,
    and Love !
    Blessings on you!

  7. Hi Suzanne, Happy Pink Saturday! Love all the PINKness you have shared today. The two little trees would fit right in at my house.You have a wonderful blog and I look forward to visiting again. Have a great weekend, Nan

  8. Happy Pinks Suzanne! All your pinkness is gorgeous but I do love the tutu! Love the trees too. Wonderful post! Have a lovely weekend.


  9. Happy Pink Saturday Suzanne, Your post is fit for the Sugar Plum Fairy. Congratulations of being featured. Have a wonderful week!

  10. What a lovely pink post. I can't choice a favorite. Happy pink

  11. You may have had your plate too full, but you still came up with a great post for today. You are till in the pink.

  12. Happy Featured Pink Saturday! You DidIt....a great Pink Post! Thanks for the yummy Pink Cake Balls...great with my coffee this morning!

  13. What a Pretty Pink Post! The candle teacups are adorable. Love the Pink Trees. Happy Pink Saturday. Grace

  14. Your blog is so festive and perky! Where in Southern FL?

    Blog on over to my post and enter my HoHo Pink $100 PINK Glamour products giveaway!

    Hope you are feeling better. I know what it means to have the "bed" calling having been so sick recently. My PINK SAturdays brought me back to life!



  15. Your feature is nothing to hang your head over! It's perfect! Love the tutu, and the pink tree. Have a fabulous Pink Weekend...Marcia in california

  16. Love all your pink, especially the pink Christmas touches. Happy Pink Saturday,


  17. A very enjoyable Pink Saturday with thoughts of pink sugar plums dancing through my head - I am so ready to get ready for Christmas, we've been thoroughly enjoying making new family memories with gift making activities for grandparents and their grandchildren here. Your lovely site has whet my creative spark even more. Thank you for a lovely visit.

  18. Happy Pink Saturday, Suzanne (love your's my middle name!) :)

    Everything is soooo lovely...and I'm going to try making those cake balls!



  19. Love the pinks, especially the Christmas tree!

  20. Happy Pink Saturday, I'm your newest follower and I'm glad you were featured or I would not have found you! That Walmart tree I saw last week and for any of the gals that want to do a Pink tree that one looks really good in person! I thought I might pick it up just to do a fun pink with my almost 5 yr old granddaughter! Love everything Shabby, Vintage and Victorian, hope you have a chance to stop by! Hugs, Marilou

  21. HaPppY PS Suzanne!
    tea is on at FHC ~ Welcome..

  22. Suzanne..I have to have cake balls now! Everything was very sweet and yummy today..Happy pinks sweetie..xo Tami

  23. Love the pink trees! i have one too that I got at Michael's a few years ago- couldn't pass that up. happy pink saturday to you and I hope your week is Grand.

  24. So cute! I Stopped by from MBC follow me club. I am your newest follower.

  25. Happy Pink Saturday!! I love the PINK Starfish ;o)

    This is my first week participating and am now a follower of your fabulous blog.

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  26. A great post on this special day . I hope you got rave reviews on this blog. Pretty pinks and I am thinking I would like one of those cake balls. Have a safe weekend

  27. Happiness is....reading your lovely blog post. Happy Pink Saturday.

  28. Happy Pink Saturday....I am a little late getting around are not the only one to have plans go awry!

    Your post was wonderful and those cake balls so delectable...I just have to try them. I have been looking for something different to put in my Christmas boxes to my family, so thank you, thank you!

    Your trees just as sweet as can be and such pretty candles in cups!

  29. Not too "shabby" of a post.... love all the pinks, especially the chocolates! :) mercedes

  30. Adorable post Suzanne :))
    Happy Pink Saturday~~fellow featured blogger!!
    Love that Pink Tree!!

    Kay Ellen

  31. Hi Suzanne, sorry I am late to the partay! Love your pinks, the teacup candles are precious, but what are CAKE BALLS..? How do you make those? I have never heard of them but I want one BAD.

    hugs to you

  32. Beautiful pinks..

  33. Hi Suzanne, Happy Pink Saturday. Love your pinks- every single one! Thanks for sharing such pink inspiration.

  34. Happy Pink Saturday! I'd love to have one of those pink cake balls and a cup of tea, sounds delightful!! I've enjoyed my visit at your blog.

  35. All things Pretty in Pink and can I just say I'm glad I kept your page up long enough to hear my FAVORITE SONG EVER...Canon in D! What a blessing.

    Love all the Christmas touches too, really puts me in the mood.

    Blessings to you my sweet friend!


  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Happy "belated" Pink Saturday Suzanne! Congrats on being featured this week :0)

    Your pink post is great. I so love the cute little trees and that pink tutu rocks!

  38. Sounds as if you will ba making Cake Balls again very soon for all your blogland friends!

  39. I love your daughter's pink tree. I was just in Walmart today and they have cute pink candy and cupcake ornaments. I think it was $2 for 6 of them - they would go perfectly!!

    I love the Christmas countdown too. I got excited when I saw 39 days!!!

  40. Such lovely pinks you've shared!And I'm also loving the cream/silver nutcrackers in a previous post of yours. I know you must be getting so excited to watch your daughter perform in The Nutcracker!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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