Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shabby Chick's Gift Picks...

Ho, Ho, Ho...
in the spirit of keeping things simple this year,
let's talk about JAR gifts.

We've all received them...
and personally, I LOVE em!
I mean...a cookie or brownie mix in a jar, eliminating most of the work...

To borrow a line from Paula Deen, these are 
Read on...

First up, Red Velvet Cupcakes in a Jar...

Now, I LOVE, red velvet cake...or any cake for that matter...
and you could use any cake you like.
It's just that it's red...Christmas...you get it:)
These might fall into the hostess/party favor/neighbor gift category as it is 
all baked and ready to eat fairly soon, you know?

But how pretty and festive...and YUMMY!
For instructions, go to MYCAKIES...
and FYI...I bet you could use a box mix if you like.

Okay, PIE anyone?
How cool is this?
PIE in a JAR... GENIUS!!!
For instructions, go to Our Best Bites...
and save me some:)
By the way, I like cherry, blueberry, pumpkin...
pretty much love it all:)

And now that we've all gained about 10 pounds...
(hey...it's the Holidays so who's counting, right:)

How about a gift for the Blogger in your life...
or someone who has always wanted to keep a journal but
gets frustrated trying to think of what to write about...

This is a GREAT idea.
Some people don't need writing prompts...but I DO!
Tell me what to write about and I will ramble...as you well know:)
I read how someone made one for their teens to help 
them with their journaling.
I do believe some of the luckiest people around are those
 who have kept diaries or journals.

We all get stuck once in awhile...just like this cutie... 
so how cool would it be 
to reach in and pull out your daily writing prompt.
You could actually make a journal jar, put it in a gift basket with a few pens/pencils and a hardcover journal...maybe add some tea or hot cocoa for those cozy moments spent journaling...a great gift!
Journal samples...
Write about your favorite job.
Write about leaving the nest and the first time you lived away from home.
 If you had to live in a different time, what would it be and why?
You get the drift...
You could use any decorative jar or using scrapbook materials, decorate one yourself.

If you search for "journal jars", you'll find tons of sites
with ideas, questions, tips...
They don't have to be fancy or complicated...
just strips of paper with various thoughts on them.
All you have to do is copy and paste the writing ideas on to a document and cut them out.
And you could change this up a bit and make a MEMORY JAR,

So that's it!
I'm actually just starting to Christmas shop so 
with shopping ideas very soon...unfortunately, the kind that cost $$$$...
but this year, I'm going to try to keep it REAL SIMPLE!


  1. me too Suzanne!
    I've got way too much going on, and the holidays are coming too quickly for me this year.
    Simple, with family around is all I need.

  2. Cute post my friend, and I love all of the jar ideas. Not to mention I just love jars period. Yeah, I'm weird like that.

    I'm totally going to make a Scripture jar tonight!!

    I need to go check out some of those other jar ideas now!

    Blessings to you!

  3. All of those ideas are fantastic and I think I will have to use them myself this year-thanks so much!!


  4. Oh Suzanne, these are all wonderful ideas. Of course, I love the food but giving some kind of journal jar or inspiration of the day jar is fabulous gift idea.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  5. this is so one of my favorite sites. i have missed coming by. too cute of things once again! oh and that red velvet in a jar!

  6. Oh I love all your sweet jar gifts!

  7. Hi There! I love your jar ideas! Very cute! I have a question your pink starfish post. Can you tell me hwat kind of paint and glitter you used and how you did it? They are just beautiful! :)

  8. Amazing post really... You included such a fantastic stuff in this post... Specially I like that pic of baby with a laptop... Looks so cute.....Lovely pic really....


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