Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not Your Usual Thanksgiving Blog Post...

I know...Thanksgiving?
On MY blog...
the lady who basically skipped Fall and went head on into Christmas?

Well, this is Thanksgiving Day, after all.

 So I thought I'd share a few Thanksgiving memories...
and maybe these will tell the story of why it's not my favorite Holiday.
And before you say it, YES, I am grateful and all that good stuff:)
So here goes, in no particular order.

Good Memory...or should I say the BEST memory:
~A big family...aunts, uncles cousins, sisters...
CRAMMED around a verrrrry long table in my Grandma's basement.
The mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, rolls and pumpkin pie were amazing.
The cranberries...not so amazing, at least to this kid.
And news flash...I NEVER liked Grandma's famous "ambrosia" salad.
I mean, a fruit salad with whipped cream sounds great.  Throw in marshmallows...kinda yucky.
And throw in nuts...REALLY yucky.  
There...I admitted it.  But everything else was SO good!
Best of all...the memories of our family together before everyone sort of scattered.
Lots of people crowded around a big table...that's Thanksgiving to me!

Good Memory:
watching football.
But girls are in the kitchen doing dishes.  Didn't you hear?)
 However, if my beloved Dallas Cowboys or Miami Dolphins were playing...look out:)
 Funny Memory...
The time my mother-in-law visited us over Thanksgiving and made a BIG deal about her cooking the best turkey.
I graciously gave in and let her be in charge of the turkey.
When my husband tried to slice it, we were shocked that there was no meat.
Then my husband looked at me and mouthed the words...
"She cooked it upside down.  This is the back, not the breast.
Rather than admit what she clearly did and have a good laugh, she kept saying through the WHOLE dinner that I must have picked out a bad turkey.
Uh yeah...RIGHT!

BAD Memories:
Okay, the first time I MET my mother-in-law was when Phil took me over for Thanksgiving.
Even worse was when my future sister in law and I went in the kitchen after dinner to do dishes...
she washed and I dried and put away.
When my MIL came in to see how it was going,
she found that I had DARED to put away the dishes and pots and pans WITHOUT
placing a paper towel in between each layer.
What the heck???  Who does that??? It wasn't even china, for pete's sake!
Oh well...needless to say not a good start.

WORST Memory:
One year my friend Deborah told me I hadn't lived if I didn't order a fresh turkey from a local, upscale meat market.
You know..."everyone who is anyone in Palm Beach orders these turkeys.
So I ordered my fresh turkey and invited my parents over for Thanksgiving.
The food id on the table, grace is said...and I take a big bite of juicy white meat.
And oh my gosh...I nearly puked on the table.
It was so gross!
And that, my sweet friends, is why you hear me say I hate turkey.
Oh, I'll eat it. My favorite sub at Publix is  turkey sub.
But the smell of a roasted turkey reminds me of that fresh turkey.
And THAT makes me want to be sick:)

Okay, that's enough.
What I DO believe...and the reason I don't make a big deal out of turkey day,
is that I AM BLESSED every single day...

 and being thankful IS important...and I AM!
So, rather than listing what I am grateful for, let me cut to the chase here and say I am GRATEFUL to God, because all that I am and all that I HAVE is because of HIM.

So on that note, HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!
Have fun with family, make some memories, eat some turkey if you must, be happy...

Now can I focus on Christmas?  


  1. What fun memories.

    I am thankful that we have never had any mishaps like this on Thanksgiving. Yet!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Enjoy the day and then on to Christmas! I love this holiday for the memories of large family gatherings. I am thankful for my family, friends and my faith!

  3. yes, on to Christmas for you!

    My own turkey memories have always been good, so no aversion here. We are actually having lasagna tonight and celebrating Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, when my oldest daughter and SIL get here. Who cares what the day is as long as we're all together! We have our hopefully yummy turkey and all the fixing's ready to go.

    Happy thankful day to you and yours!

  4. Lol!!! YOu have some funny memories!!!

    I LOVE the "Blessed" necklace by the way!

    I am thankful for your fun's different than any of the others I follow. It brings me joy. Thanks and happy turkey day!

  5. So funny but so true. I feel like I go through the motions for a nice Thanksgiving but I am so ready to move on. I do like the days off and extra time with family.

  6. I'm with you darling...bring on Christmas. Thanksgiving was a bit depressing for me this year, though Benjamin and I were happy to spend it with my brother.

    Love the post! Love you too!


  7. Well Sister I couldn't have said it better myself. I've spent I don't know how many years spending at least a hundred bucks for one day to work all week before, all day on the blessed day, all evening after the meal and everyone sits around burping with their pants unbuttoned, watching football with a glazed look and my fridge is filled to the brim with leftovers you have to find creative ways to "enjoy" for a full week and of course you pack on the pounds for a bunch of crapola food that is not as good as a good old fashioned hamburger and fries. This year I simply siad NO. We went to one of the Casino Buffets, had a great meal (one plate full) came home to have some desert and coffee. Watched football and my kitchen was clean all day. Wonderful. And I'm more grateful for this than all the times before mentioned. So of course the meaning is to appreciate those here we love and the abundance we have and to appreciate the time we were given with the ones no longer here. Another is gratitude for our friends and you are on that list of mine. Hugs, Mollye


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