Friday, January 14, 2011

3 Little Gifts...

 It's cold...
not quite like the rest of the country but in south Florida,
38 degrees is cold.
(But don't get me wrong...I LOVE IT!)
So this morning, I bundled up...
put on jeans, tennis shoes (no flip flops this morning:),
my favorite fleece, gloves and scarf
 (we love scarves and gloves down here:)
and headed out for a walk on the beach.
Did I mention it was 38 degrees?
 ***Note to time, don't wear jeans with holes if you want to stay warm!'s cold...
 but beautiful.
Up ahead, there is one lonely set of footprints when usually there are many.
 Even the water LOOKS cold...
is that possible?  
 i tell you, it isn't blue and pretty but kind of sandy gray and cold...
But life goes on at the beach.
Looks like there was a party and I wasn't invited...
 a sea urchin party.
The little birds still play around in the surf.
 Shells and sea life still roll on shore...

 but those shell seekers are inside where it is warm...
except me!
And I doubt there will be many sandcastles built today...
I wanted a long, brisk walk along the beach...
and I did start out that way...
until I looked down and saw THIS...
 a sweet little sand dollar.
Do you know how special it is to find these on shore?
Usually we find them broken in lots of little pieces,
not surviving the rough ride to shore.
But not this little guy...he made it in one piece...
even though he didn't survive the ride.
He'd been washed up just a little bit too long.
But since I like sand dollars, 
it looks like I found my first GIFT!
Couldn't be happier.

On with the walk...and a few steps later I see this...
a heart shaped stone!  
 It's a sign:)

On my return walk, that's when I feel the wind...COLD wind in my face.
But in a strange way, it feels so good.
I'm so blessed to be here...and the only thing that would make it better
would be if I found a piece of the sea glass that I LOVE but is so hard to come by down here.
No luck there...
or so I thought!  Just before leaving I look down and there,
nestled in some tiny shells and pebbles...
is my sea glass.

It's a good day!
For a lot of reasons, of course, but for the simple reason that I love sea glass so much that
finding a lone piece MAKES it a good day!

Time to go home...
What a beautiful morning.
When I was diagnosed with MS this summer, 
I didn't know what the future holds.
I still don't...but I can't sit and wait to find out.
I kept thinking I wanted 3 things...
to be able to walk...or RUN if needed, whenever my girls may need me,
to be able to take nice walks with my fur babies, Maui and Freddy,
and to be able to walk on the beach, collecting sea shells and searching for that lone piece of sea glass.
This morning was special!

But there was a FOURTH gift in store for me.  
Walking in the door, cheeks still red and hair windblown from the sea winds...
to find a hot bowl of oatmeal waiting for me from Taylor.
And you wonder why I dread the day my girls are gone?
I'm spoiled!!!!!!
Happy Friday...hope you find a few gifts in your day too!


  1. I so enjoyed strolling along with you as you found all of your gifts. That was fun!

    The beach is still really lovely when cold!

  2. Wow, what great finds you had on your walk!! Your post reminded me I need to get out and walk the beach more..even when it's cold! I live only a few miles from Venice Beach here in Florida and we have such pretty beaches but I don't visit them in the winter nearly enough!
    Great blog!

  3. Oh Suzanne Sweetie...
    Happy glorious Friday. Oh I could smell the sea air, and feel the cold breeze on my face. I could hear the sea gulls cry as we walked along in search of the treasures of our hearts.

    Oh I spied that sand dollar right off too. Isn't she a beauty? I would so be out there each and every day picking up shells and looking for treasures. What beauty had washed up on shore. I would follow you to the sea each and every day sweet one.

    Love that piece of sea glass as well. So much beauty there. I thank you for sharing with me this fine Friday morning.

    I continue to keep you in prayer sweet friend. May God richly bless you with happiness this New Year. We look for the small riches in each day now.

    Many hugs sweetie and SO much love, Sherry

  4. no worries, your girls will never be far from you.
    38 sounds warm to me this week! Thanks for the pretty walk on the beach, I was right there with you, enjoying every site.
    As for the future... who knows what it holds. That's why we make the most of each day. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. What a gorgeous and wonderful walk! I love the beach in the winter. I love to bundle up and walk with that wind in my face. Sounds glorious to me and then to find such special gifts...perfect. Thank you for sharing this with us and I hope I can have some of your wonderful outlook on life rub off on me! You are a special lady my friend!

  6. Hello Suzanne. Happy New Year!
    How are you?
    Love the scenes here!
    Happy weekend.

  7. Glad you were able to enjoy the morning on the beach. We're in central Florida so no strolls on the shore for me but I loved looking at all you beautiful photos.

  8. As I look out to the snow outside my window, any beach sounds good to me. Even if it IS cold :) It looks like a pretty walk!

  9. what perfectly amazing gifts!
    sea glass, sand dollars, sea shells? oh my!!
    praying you continue to find these gifts in your everyday

  10. I loved reading this. Days like these are indeed, so special. It's the little gifts that sometimes just mean the most.
    p.s. Love the 'Brrr' in the sand!

  11. I enjoy your blog very much. I also love glasses, windows, etc.

    sandra :)


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