Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Looking for a baby crib...

No, this isn't some cute~crazy way to say that this 
lady is having a baby:)
Although, up until a few years ago I would have JUMPED at the chance,
even if it meant I might be the oldest new mom in history!

I AM looking for a baby crib.
When you see these photos, you'll understand.
(You would also understand if I told you my husband bought me a little shack
and told me to go live there and decorate it to my heart's content:)

It's because he knows I have leanings like this...
the kind that push things just a tiny bit too far but to me are SO amazing!
Where would I put this?  
Don't know...but I'd sure be willing to try and find a place:)
I'm learning from my scavenging that these old metal cribs are snatched up as quickly as 
someone puts them out...sometimes by people like me and sometimes
by shop owners who need a display OR simply a conversation piece.
See for yourself what I'm talking about...
photo: Country Living

Okay, so maybe I won't be getting a crib anytime soon...but I AM looking for a daybed.
The girls bedrooms are a bit on the small side and Taylor,
in her all white bedroom, is thinking she would rather have a daybed with loads of pillows
and a comfy, pretty chair to read or do school in, as well as her antique vanity.
But that was yesterday...
today may be a different story.
We've been checking a few out...they would be painted, of course...and on sale would be a plus:)
Not quite as "cutesy"...she IS 16 now, you know:)
Lots of white, some pink...
(even 16 year old girls have taste...shabby chic taste, of course!)
VERRRYY comfy, cozy and "smushy" as Ms. Rachel Ashwell would say!

very cozy...maybe  we DO need a daybed...
after all, if she got tired of it, Maui would LOVE it!

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  1. love the old iron beds. i found a piece of an old crib, used it as a base for a faux chandelier during christmas. good luck with your hunt! i've got old doors on my list to have a carpenter make a daybed for me someday (when i get that porch that i'm also dreaming of!)
    happy wednesday

  2. My granddaughter has a day bed with a trundle and it has become her favorite place. It doesn't seem to mean bedtime like a bed does and she plays up on it like a couch. She's only 4 so it should get a lot of use. Maui is so cute in that shirt. Have a great day.

  3. Now I want a crib too! LOL But seriously, have you tried look on Craig's list? I love daybeds too. They scream relax in cozy comfort!

  4. I have just such a crib I'd be happy to sell you - but I live in PA. I wanted one for the longest time - and now that I have - my hubby is not thrilled so it doesn't get used too much...

  5. Those old cribs are amazing, no where for me to put one! I also love daybeds and lots of pillows. Oh yes at 16 they can change their minds a lot!

  6. I just love how they make little daybeds out of vintage cribs. I would love to do that one day too:) Just became your newest follower:) I'll stop back in to say hello.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  7. I never would have thought it possible. Incredible!

  8. I just lucked out and found one of these. Your photos are giving me some great inspiration for it. I'm adding your button to my blog.

  9. Oh, there's just something so comfy and cozy about a daybed!!! I hope that you locate one. I would check on eBay or Craig's List! Then - be sure to show us the makeover! lol!

    Happy WW to you!

    xoxo laurie


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