Thursday, January 20, 2011

now THIS is going on my list... WISH list BUCKET list SHABBY CHICKS list someday i REALLY, REALLY want to go here list!

i love flea markets (the antique kind...not touristy junk) and antique shows...
especially the kind that are filled with LOTS of shabby, chippy stuff.
i have wanted to visit the Round Top Texas show for a long time...
2 shows a year...I should be able to make one, right?
wouldn't you think?

well, now there is another reason to go to this show...
Rachel Ashwell...
 Ms. Shabby Chic herself...
bought a Texas guest ranch a few miles down the road.
formerly the Outpost at Cedar Creek,
i saw this on her site in December...
The Ranch by Rachel Ashwell...
Here is how she describes it...
"A bed and breakfast. Seminars on inspiration, creativity and business.  A place for events...and dreams."
oh my gosh, i'm ready to make my reservations!

She held a sale and sold everything to make room for her shabby makeover...
and to get ready for her guests (that would be me:)
yep, I'm sensing a girls road trip someday in the future...
but then, since my husband is actually a fan of hers too,
he just might crash the party.
hmmm...don't think so;)

The ranch has several different buildings...
this is one of the cottages waiting for her chic, tattered touch...
 there is a barn cottage...
 take a peek at this...the prairie cottage...

(looks like somebody was already a fan of Rachel:)
log cabins...
and there is even an airstream 
 how adorable will THIS be when she's done!
bet it will be THE place to stay...
"a house becomes a home when life happens and memories are made"...Rachel Ashwell

i bet the kitchens will get a redo in the shabby style...
 and a comfy bed 
 with her favorite, white poplin linen and as Rachel called them
in her DVD I watched the other day,
"smooshy" pillows:)
 who wouldn't appreciate a LOVELY cup of tea in this dining room...
 bet she's busy in her workroom coming up with all kinds of goodies to decorate her new ranch.
but you don't have to take my word for it.
visit Rachel's blog (TELL ME YOU SUBSCRIBE...PLEASE!!!)
or you can also visit for a lady who is in the know.

Shabby Chic:  “Evidence of life.  Anything from children’s art to dog-eared magazines to fresh-cut flowers that aren’t perfect.” – Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic
and keep an eye out for her NEW, 7th book that is due out in October...
Inspiration & Beautiful Spaces
just in time for another LIST...
your Christmas List!


  1. You have to go there! Too bad it's not a B&B!

  2. What lovely photos. I can dream in her pages. Hope you get to go.

  3. Oh wow, that looks amazing! I imagine that would be a wonderful, peaceful getaway :)

  4. I clicked over... she has your taste for sure, with the added touch of cowboy boots!
    I love the coffee mug quote, so very true.

    Hope you are doing well my friend!

  5. You lucky girl!

  6. Nice photos, they were simply adorable. A bread and breakfast to a cute and chikky college is really fabulous yet simple. Imagine this in Texas Land For Sale, its surely superb.

  7. Wouldn't this be an amazing place to see when she finishes! It already looks so wonderful. I am sure the creativity would just flow like a river. Thanks for sharing, I hadn't heard about this yet. Hope you have a great week Suzanne!

  8. What a wonderful collection pics.. really .. Specially your bedroom interior was awesome.. You can maintain your home in a very fine manner..
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  9. Hello my sweet friend. Please forgive my horrible absence, life is messy. I'm loving everything you have here...some day we will have to go antiquing together!

    I hope you are well, working on an e-mail for you soon.

    God bless you!!

  10. Hi Suzanne,
    I am your teacup partner and trying to reach you by email and do not have your email address. Can you please contact me at

    Ps.. your blog is beautiful, can't wait to get to know you better. Have a great day.

    The Gilded Cherub


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