Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Morning Thoughts...

good morning!
it's Monday...a new day, new week...
another chance to either get it right, make it better,
or do the same old thing.

i just hate doing the same old thing...
even when I know I have to and that's just how life is.
perpetually bored and wanting change...
that's me:)
shoot....why am i so flaky?
once again....THAT"S ME! (hahaha)
hmmm...something to think about!
i think i mentioned that i text a "thought for the day"
to my shabby chicks each morning.
sometimes serious, sometimes funny...
always something to think about.
today i sent two...the message to God above and this one...
my girls are gonna love their messages today!

okay, next up...
i'm seriously thinking of getting my "Cool Mom" blog going again.
(see....very FLAKY:)
maybe it should be "Flaky Mom"!
it's just that i love sharing images and blog posts on Shabby Chicks
 that spell happYness to me...and maybe you too.
it's very much about sharing pretty things, thoughts and a recipe or two.
but i have been thinking so much lately that i would also like to write about
relationships between moms and kids, 
fun ideas, things that have worked for me...
and those that have not.
 i have so many thoughts, and i really don't think I want 
"Shabby Chicks" to be about that.
that's my flea market loving blog!!!
then again, it IS maybe i'm just bored...AGAIN:)
i'll keep you posted.
but if you do visit Confessions of a Cool Mom...
please read "me, a cool Mom" in the sidebar.
it is NOT what the world think a "cool mom" is, trust me!
lastly, did you have a good weekend? is soooooooo HOT down here in South Florida.
which means you either need to be inside with the air condition blasting...
in a pool.....or floating in the Gulf.
which is what we did:)
 i know i said "lastly" but i forgot something...
we saw "The Help" Saturday night.
 it was SO good!
loved the book and now LOVE the movie.
and it's not just a chick flick...
the story and acting is sooo good...
it's for everyone.
 (my husband thought it was GREAT!)
i don't watch the Oscar's anymore because i'm so sick of being told
crappy movies or ones that are inappropriate are "the BEST".
(that probably makes it official....i'm an old fart) hahaha
we'll see if hollywood remembers a "good" movie with a
wonderful message come oscar time.

and now that i got that off my chest,
i'm outta here!


  1. I know that sometimes it can be hard to decide which direction you want your blog to go. The one I have now is by know means my first. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to blog about. I have finally found my niche. I am sure what ever you decide to do , it will be wonderful.

  2. Good Morning Suzanne Sweetie...
    Oh how I love this post. Straight from the heart. I love that. I didn't know about your other blog, so I will have to go and check it out. I hope you are doing well.

    I haven't had a dashboard in months, over 7 now, and no google reader, so I am scrolling back through my old posts to find my missing friends. I am so thrilled I found you again. I am bookmarking you sweetie.

    I would love to invite you over to my blog this morning to meet Charlie. He is an 8 year old that has cancer, and he is the recipient, he and his family for the Miracle Makeover by Design Gives Back and Guideposts Magazine. Every comment left on my blog will have 1.00 donated towards the next miracle makeover. We are running the makeover through August 18th, and yes you can leave more than one comment. I would appreciate it if you share the word with your blogger friends. Please stop by. Each comment makes a difference.

    Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. Suzanne how funny the Monday's bring out the boredom in me also. Is this it, is this my life? Well yes and no....I know it's time for some changes in my routine and to get inspired. I love that second quote that today is a new page and I can change my story! You always have the best things to say. I think you should start up your other blog again! You have so much to share!
    Hot it has been but I'm blessed to have some cooler weather this morning! I can't wait to see The Help!
    Big Georgia Hugs coming your way,

  4. I just started reading "The Help" and will look forward to seeing the movie after.

    We had a great weekend here too, and I just finished posting about it!

    Glad to hear things are going well on your end. Heading over to the new blog to take a look.

    Blessings to you my friend!


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