Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Truly Blessed....

so...I celebrated my 48th trip around the sun...
and it doesn't matter one bit if anyone knows my age.
i'm just happy to be living this life:)
and i had an AMAZING birthday!
my family is so special.
they really thought about this one, that's for sure!

at the hospital where my husband works,
they have something called 
"The Garden of Hope and Courage".
it's so pretty and peaceful...
a place to remember or honor special people
and also a calming retreat for patients, visitors or anyone in the community
who wants to enjoy this special place.
WELL, we were going downtown to my favorite little italian
place (for WHITE pizza...YUM)
and we had to meet my husband at the garden.
there he was, sitting on a bench...
he invited me over, scooted to make room for me...
 and then I saw the plaque!
They had donated money to the hospital garden in MY name
and bought me my very own bench!
 can you believe that? 
and did I mention that this garden sits right outside the window area where
i would go should I have a relapse for MS and need IV treatments?
oh my gosh...how special is that!
when it cools off around here, I can't wait to go sit on MY bench:)
see...i'm blessed for sure with this family of mine.
but wait...it's not over.
after our DELICIOUS birthday dinner,
we went home to cake.
My girls made MINI CAKES for me!
 You simply clean out a few cans (from canned peaches, tomatoes...)
and bake the cakes in the cans...
VOILA...mini cakes!
We had vanilla, german chocolate and red velvet!
then...MORE gifts...and treats...
i got yummy candles, pj's, books...to name a few...
and more BIG surprises!
Gift #1...a cowboy hat because the girls knew I always wanted one.
Gift #2...a cowboy type bling belt...
Gift #3...VIP tickets to see Rascal Flatts in concert the next weekend
in W. Palm Beach, our old stomping grounds.
OMG...are you kidding?  
they're one of my favorites.
so off we went, us three girls in our cowboy hats...
to our first "country" concert.
  and we ALL loved it, including my husband:)
then we went to our old church the next morning which I doubt
I'll ever stop missing, so that was like an added bonus.
we had so much fun and you know what?
i was reminded of how cool it is to give and receive gifts that someone
really took the time to think about, plan and surprise someone with.
i often forget that and just head to the mall but no more!
from now on, I will be a CREATIVE gift giver:)

to my family...thank you so much.


  1. You did have an amazing birthday-but what do you expect with such an amazing family! YOUR bench is probably my favorite part of it all-although I think everything was awesome! So glad you had a very Happy Birthday-you deserve it!!


  2. Such a sweet post! :) LOVE the special bench in your honor! Your girls are special too! xo Rachel

  3. you are so loved! It all sounds like the best birthday a girl could ever have, your family is the best!
    Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet friend! What an amazing gift! The bench in your honor is so thoughtful and given with so much love. Cake, cowboy hats and music...you got it all,especially the love of your family! hugs, Linda

  5. Happy Birthday! We almost the same age. I am 47.5..ha!
    What a wonderful and loving family you have. Such sweet and thoughtful gifts. You are blessed!

  6. What a great birthday for sure Sis! You deserve every bit of it! Phil really came through, lets see, I believe his birthday is coming in September? :)

    Love the girls hats ....and the bench!


  7. Are you kidding Sue. . you're just NOW going to get creative with your gifts? You're already the most creative gift giver I know. . how can you get better? What a neat birthday you had. . so sweet that you have a bench in that garden. . I hope you are well every time you go to sit in it. :)

  8. hello beautiful!
    you are blessed indeed!!
    they did give such thoughtful gifts...wow!!
    the bench is amazing.
    your girls are stunning
    happy birthday sweet friend


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