Friday, September 2, 2011

Wrapping it up...

gosh...i can't believe it's Friday already.
time to wrap up another week.
ever feel like you lose track of what day it is?

okay, here goes another example of my very random mind...

our little Southern Belle Tutu Shoppe
(that's what we call it these days:)...
is booming!
want to know what we'll be doing the next month or so?
making tutus!!!
 all of a sudden we have orders for:
28 Sugarplum tutus
20 Nutcracker Tutus
13 tutus for a local shop
4 flower girl tutu dresses
1 Dalmatian tutu (Halloween costume)
YIKES----66 TuTus!
it's going to be a house full of TULLE:)
moving on...
a few things i've been meaning to write about.

if you have a teen, help out with a youth group, anywhere you influence teens...
make sure they've seen the movie Soul Surfer!
 we've watched it a few times and also have her devotional.
it's about Bethany Hamilton, the surfer who lost her arm to a shark
a few years back.
 what a beautiful christian young lady with an even MORE
beautiful testimony!

one of the Shabby Chicks favorite new TV shows...
The Picker Sisters. is SO much fun!
2 best friends from the south, opening a home decor store in Los Angeles,
and to fill the store, they hit the road and"pick up" junk...and I do mean JUNK...
take it to LA and with the help of their carpenter, make cool
and VERY unique items to sell in their store.
They meet the funniest characters along the way...
it's just a cute, fun...clean show.
can't beat that now can you?

now, can you say PINTEREST?
oh yes, i waste WAY too much time there I'm sure...
but if you do something with even ONE of the many cool ideas you find there,
you're doing pretty good.
i'm actually thinking of making a blog meme thingy
called "pinterest party" where you link up a blog post of
few favorite photos for the week from pinterest.
what do you think?
if only I knew how to make a blog button for it...oh well!
okay, it's tough to choose but here are a few of mine for this week...


 this is me:)

 i soooooo want one of my girls to get married in a barn...
and Maui can be their flower girl! :)

about Faith...

 acorn donuts...glazed donut hole, chocolate frosting on one end with choc. sprinkles and a pretzel stick.  So cute and yummy!

  LOVE the bench and the sweet saying...

 to die for chandelier!!!!

well, that's all she wrote!
i'd love to say i'll be back tomorrow but we all know how that goes so just in case...
have a GREAT weekend!



  1. I so love this posts. I loved SO. I loved the movie. It was a good movie for kids to watch as well. She is an inspiration.

    Also love Picker Sisters........what junk. COuld you believe the meat slicer turned into a sink/vanity. They are so cute as well.
    You go on those tutus, hah.

  2. I spent most of today thinking it was Sat but's only Friday. Oh well. I just watched Soul Surfer today and it is amazing! Loved this wonderful movie and the inspiration young woman Bethany Hamilton! Enjoy your weekend! hugs, Linda

  3. I waste WAAAYYY too much time on Pinterest. But - it's so inspirational! I have gotten some of the best ideas!
    So - I continue.
    Speaking of which, I need to get some things done around here.
    I will journey further back soon!
    HUGS! Karen


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