Sunday, September 11, 2011

faith...not fear

it's easy to say but not always easy to do...
putting faith before fear.
but it's really the only way to live, isn't it?
living in fear is...well...scary.
and who likes scary?
i'm not writing a long post about September 11.
here is a link to my post last year and it basically said
all that i what i wanted to say.
you can read it HERE.

and on the subject of a memorial,
i think it's wonderful that people work so hard to
make sure we never forget those who lost their lives.
but for me personally,
this is the only memorial we need.



  1. So sad..yet we must remember, so lifes were not lost in vain.
    Blessings and hugs~

  2. hi Suzanne. What are the odds that after everything and everyone destroyed that day, this section of beams in the shape of a cross would make it through. Such a horrible day. I watched several shows about the experiences people had on that day and it was just devastating.


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