Friday, September 16, 2011

Fantabulous Friday Favorites...

don't you just love that word...
what's not to love about a word that has
fantastic and fabulous all rolled up in one great word!

no mindless rambling today...
(not yet anyway)
let's just get right to the favorites!

favorite BALLERINA Taylor...
 is auditioning tomorrow for her part(s) in the Nutcracker
with Naples Ballet.
i'm proud and she hasn't even taken the stage!
that's because when she dances, she SHINES!
the flier for Nutcracker 20011...
my little girl.
(yes you are Taylor and always will be so deal with it;)

favorite FUN LOVING girl Jordan...
 was interviewed this week by the Naples Daily News and will be featured
this weekend in a story about her swim for MS...
which she has raised over $1500 for with more donations coming in.
 she had a photo shoot last week, so that was COOL 
I'd say she did something pretty
AWESOME with her summer!

my favorite DAD in the whole world...
 and his golf buddies.
(he's the one in the hat!)
reminds me of the saying 
"you don't stop playing because you get old...
you get old because you stop playing".
and somebody should also get old when you don't LAUGH every day...
because ya gotta laugh sometimes.
these guys knew that!
one of my favorite blogs is Brayton Homestead Interiors.
Karen is the amazing decorator who had the idea for our
 that was when i REALLY fell in love with old barns!
anyway, she has a new website so i'm spreading the word for the 
sweet and very talented Karen.
you can click on either link to pay her a visit:)
yes girls, we have the barn chicks to blame for me DESPERATELY
wanting one of you to get married in a barn.
don't hate'll be SPECTACULAR!

a few favorite images from PINTEREST...
a pretty hydrangea wreath on a chippy CHIPPY anything!

frozen cookies and cream hot cocoa...

these ADORABLE silhouette tags.
 you will not BELIEVE how many free printables you'll find on this site...

it's no secret what i think about facebook...even if i end up back there for
reasons out of my control...i still think THIS...
 hahahahahahaha...come on!  
you KNOW it's true!!!:)

somebody pinned this quote and i was so HAPPY to see it...
 yes virginia...there ARE still a few nice girls in the world.

my last favorite is of a beautiful photo that i "picnik'd"
with one of my favorite quotes.
 hope you like it too!



  1. Best of luck to both of your girls in their endeavors! The Nutcracker is a family tradition...couldn't have Christmas without seeing it!

  2. You sound so happy! Both girls are beautiful and pursuing their wonderful projects. Love that saying...cracks me up!

  3. Your daughters are beautiful and talented.
    Cute picture of your Dad and his buddies.


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