Sunday, September 4, 2011

why, why, WHY?

why what, right?
why do we forget things that are so important to us?
why do people act the way they do?
why is it important to do certain things,
like go to college?
why, why, WHY?

my sweet girl Jordan is behind this one.
i forgot to do her 14th birthday MARCH!!!
 shame on me, for sure!
gosh...why did I forget that?
and she has NEVER mentioned it, even though I know she looks
forward to this every year.
i'm so sorry sweet girl!
you are an AMAZING daughter, sister and friend....young lady!
don't ever let anyone convince you that you're not.
and you will be even MORE amazing to a boyfriend
which brings me to.....

WHY do people do STUPID things?
i know you met a wonderful, christian young man this year...
 who turned out to be not so wonderful....
at least not right now.
maybe that's because God has someone special in mind for you
and no one else will do.
or maybe the time is not quite right for the two of you.
you both have a lot of life to live, right?
i all seemed pretty perfect, but what do we know?
wait for that special'll be so glad you did:)

so there you have the thoughts behind my first two "WHY" questions.
now for the next one...
Jordan is taking a "college planning course" through 
a christian homeschool curriculum. Maybe she'll consider art colleges offering courses in performing arts.
Anyway, her first assignment was to write a short essay on 
WHY she wanted to go to college.
i'm so proud of what she wrote and asked her if I could share it with you...
here's what she wrote.
Why? Not many people would assume that 3 letters could have such a huge impact in our lives! If we aren't sure what the purpose to do something is, then it really doesn't matter that we know how to do it. To me college is like training. Training to become successful in a career, and to become successful at making life choices for ourselves, etc. I'd like to honestly admit that I want to go to college, but I don't know what I want to major in. In Jeremiah 1:5 and Jeremiah 29:11, I feel completely reassured that God does have a plan for my life! Part of me wishes that His plan was a little more clear so I could have total confidence as far as what my major should be. The other part of me doesn't like the idea of a major at all. I think we all need to worry a little less on one skill, and start majoring in being a better person...being the type of person that God wants us to be, and the kind of person who can fulfill the plan he has for us!

I really don't look forward to leaving my family. I feel like I've been blessed with an incredible family...WHY would I want to leave? That being said, my family will always be a top priority for me, whether I'm at home or away at college, so I think I'll be able to look at college as an adventure.  Just as I believe joy is a choice, I think success is a choice. This life is what you make it!  Considering my life so far, I'm happy with how my life is going now. I've made mistakes, but I think this time in my life is the process of creating myself and working on making myself into the kind of person I know God wants me to be. Once I figure out the answer to all of my "Why's?", I look forward to figuring out the next big questions, "How?" do you see why i'm so proud???
hang in there girlfriend...
 this time of life is full of questions...
but things will work out in the end.
HAVE FAITH......and always remember 

Love, Mum
p.s.  when he didn't choose you, he lost out, not you!  
how do i know?
i'm your mama...I KNOW these things!:)


  1. Ah such a sweet post. She is beautiful inside and out. You should be proud.....I know you are.

  2. This is a great post! I think it's important to let you children know how proud we are of them and who they are. You daughters are great just like their Mom!

  3. I think you have a very special daughter on your hands Suzanne!
    You gotta love those WHY questions. I get quite a few from my little nephew. His big sister on the other hand asks WHAT IF? He needs to know all the details and facts and she's the dreamer with the imagination.

    I hope you are feeling well this Summer and things are great with your family, other than the stinker of a boy!


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