Thursday, August 25, 2011

a truly precious story...

heartbreaking yet heartwarming at the same time.
but first, get the tissues ready.
now i'm sure you've all heard the tragic story
about the navy seals who were shot down recently.
heartbreaking doesn't begin to describe it.

as their bodies are being flown home, 
they are being laid to rest by family and friends.
but one navy seal, Jon Tumilson, 
was laid to rest by a very special friend...
his DOG, "Hawkeye"!

i didn't even need to see the photos before bawling all over the place...
but once i did, it just broke my heart.
at the funeral, Hawkeye, his loyal companion,
would not leave his side.  he laid by the casket throughout the whole service.

like i said...heart breaking yet heart warming.

i adore my dogs and have often said that if anything happened
to me, little Freddy should probably be by my side. 

i don't mean to sound morbid but this dog can't function without me.
he won't eat and will run from room to room, 
whimpering and frantically searching if I should happen to be out of sight.

on most days,
he and Maui  are my most loyal friends... and that's fine by me:)

so I thought I'd share some of my favorite dog quotes, starting with a long one
i hope you like them too:)



  1. I saw this on the news. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. That dog just lying there, he had to know that his beloved was inside that casket. Ihope the dog will be alright.
    Love my dogs too. I have one sick one right now and I am trying to be hopeful.

  2. I also saw this and it made me cry and smile at the same time. Our pets are part of our family and they are loyal to the end! What a sweet story and I love all your fun animal quotes!

  3. Sweet story. I found your blog on mommy bloggers and I am really excited to follow. Hope you follow me as well! :)

  4. Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. You asked about my fonts. I just use the fonts available on blogger. I saw this story on the news. It is heart breaking and heart warming at the same time. Love your dog quotes. I have one dog... well I think her heart realy belongs to hubby dear.

  5. I read about this, it just breaks your heart. Animals have that ability to tug at the heartstrings like nothing else. It's even a different feeling that children because you can talk to them and explain things. With animals you never really know how much they understand or how much paint hey are in.


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