Friday, November 25, 2011


a loving hand will be laid upon your shoulder
and this brief message will be given:
Billy Graham

that "someday" was today for my dear, sweet dad.
today, God laid his hand on my father's shoulder and whispered "come home".
for 9 long weeks, he fought to stay with us.
if i listed the complications that wracked his body,
you wouldn't believe me.

 it wasn't that he was afraid to die. 
for he knew exactly where he was going
and who he would be with.
he would finally be home...with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
with his family and many friends who had gone before him.
(click HERE to read a birthday blog about my dad:)

 i know they are falling all over themselves to greet him...
Perry, Emery, Jack, Doc...just to name a few.
and Pork Chop...
yes, Pork Chop...the man he worked with for many years,
who loved my dad,
who watched my dad, a man of faith, live his life for Christ every single day...
and knew that my dad was a true man of God.
i believe that
the real believers know how to reach others by example.
that was my dad.
i'm not sure why Pork Chop came to mind...
except that story is a perfect example of the kind of man he was.
reaching out to others.
i learned a lot watching him with Pork Chop and so many others like him.
Pete is another example of someone my dad reached out to.

my dad fought to stay on earth to live one more day 
with his beautiful bride of 61 years,
 to have one more cup of coffee with her in the morning,
gazing out at the backyard he loved so much.
to be there for his four daughters,
to treasure his many grandchildren and great grand-children.

 i just love the quote at the beginning of this post.
it is by a true man of God also.
i read it in a book i bought this week to give my dad for Christmas.
it's called Billy Graham in Quotes and I can't tell you 
how wonderful this book is.

as if Billy Graham hasn't already reached many people, he will reach so many more with 
this book, because it is so simply written yet based on scripture.
i can't stop reading it...the comfort it is bringing me today is priceless.
this book covers more than 100 subjects, every feeling and sentiment,
many different trials and life's more difficult moments...

my dad would have loved this book.
now i think it's my mom who will treasure it.

...just as i treasure all of the friends i have made through this blog,
who take the time to stop by,
read, comment...even when i have checked out and don't respond back.
i can only hope i get my head straight and 
that all changes in the near future:)
mostly, i treasure the prayers i know have been sent up for my dad...
and i will be so grateful if you continue to remember my family...
especially my amazing, wonderful mother...
who will undoubtedly be the subject of a blog post someday.
i think it will be a post that talks about what it means to
not only SAY your marriage vows, but what it means to LIVE them...
as my mom my dad's side until the very end.

i'm sorry to write this on thanksgiving weekend.
but that's life, isn't it?
we need to always remember to be thankful in all things...
most importantly for those we love and those who love us.

i don't believe we lack faith when we grieve.
as he also says in this book...
when we grieve, we simply are showing how much we have loved.

Billy Graham has another quote in this book...
it really does say it all.
we could all replace his name with the one we love.
here it is:
"Someday you will hear that Billy Graham is dead.
Don't you believe it!!!
I shall be more alive than I am now.I will just have changed my address.
 I will have gone into the presence of God."
Billy Graham

 i know my dad is also in the presence of God.
while we will miss him terribly, 
he is now in his perfect heaven...without any pain...
waiting for the rest of his family to join him someday.
and because he was a faithful husband and father,
because he raised us as God's children,
he knows we WILL be with him someday.
 thank you dad...for everything!
  i love you.


  1. my sweet friend, how sad this news is but also so joyous to know your dad is with God now! I pray for comfort for you, your Mom and your whole family. Your Dad sounds like a wonderful man and I know he is in your heart forever. Sending you a big hug, Linda

  2. Oh Suzanne, I am so sorry to hear that you lost your dad. I hope that you take comfort in knowing you have another angel looking down on you every day. Still sending lots of love, hugs and prayers your way.


  3. Oh Suzanne, sigh. There are no words. Nothing that can make you feel any better. Time will heal the pain. You know he is in a wonderful wonderful place now.
    Take the time to heal, treasure your Mom, and your girls.
    Big hugs to you!

  4. I said prayers for your Dear Father. So sorry he lost his battle but so happy he is dancing with Jesus. Do you know the song, "I can only imagine." I love that song. It makes me all excited about heaven. When my own father died I had a peace in my heart. He had
    Alzheimers and was failing. I felt like he was healed and himself again. I miss my Dad as you will yours. But someday you will be reunited. Such a sweet post and pictures do tell a story. May God Bless you and bring you peace.

  5. So sad to hear about your father but hope you are greatly comforted that he has been saved and that you will meet again someday...

  6. Oh my. My heart goes out to you today in the loss of your Daddy. What a beautiful tribute to him! May God comfort you with his peace and the many wonderful memories you have with your Daddy. I'm definitely gonna look for that book, as I LOVE Billy Graham. God's peace to you.

  7. Hi Suzanne!So sad to hear this news.This blog touched me.You can tell how much your dad was loved by each and every word you wrote.God Bless you and your mom.I truly believe hes with God in heaven now.What a special place to be.Keep all the warm memories he left you with inside your heart.

    Im thinking I have this to go through myself,Im hoping it isnt real soon but my father is 82 and hes not doing well.

    Blessings to you and yours.

  8. Sounds like he lived a full and wonderful life. I'm so sorry for your loss, and send prayers of healing to you, your Mom and the family. xo

  9. honey, im so very sorry about your Daddy. im crying as im reading this cuz i lost my Papa a yr. ago. bad part about that was he just got back from 3 mo. in texas and fell and hit his head and had a cerebral hemmorage. so didnt get but 1 visit in with him before that happened. he also had cancer since 05, so i can relate. im so sorry for you as i know what youre going thru. take comfort that YOU DO KNOW HES IN A BETTER PLACE WITH HIS LORD! much comfort and prayers to you my friend. sincerely, susy

  10. I am so so sorry for your loss Suzanne. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. What a beautiful post. I just now found your blog. My Dad went to Heaven almost 17 years ago...December 27th. I miss him so much but I know where he is and I will see him again.
    Take time to grieve and just continue to love.


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