Monday, November 14, 2011

blogging from an airplane at 31,000 feet.... case you haven't noticed, I haven't been around much lately. (I know...what's new?) I've been up north, trying to help out my dad (STILL in the hospital...poor guy!) And my mom...what a trooper. Someday I'll fill you in but let me say, When they took their marriage vows, They meant every word!:) But I'm coming home and since we just flew through A NASTY bit of turbulence, I thought I'd write. At 31,000 feet. Might distract me. The flight was delayed to a flight attendants Personal emergency and from bad storms we have to Fly around. Apparently the pilot cut it close because we did NOT Fly around those clouds:) Do you like flying? I hate it. Truly hate it! But I will never stop because that's how the world Rolls these days and we have to roll with it. But in case you didn't get it, I HATE it!!:) However, I have Jordan to hold my hand... My trusty iPod with my country playlist, My iPad...magazines...and snacks:) I like to think my glass is half full... Most of the time. But today? Today has been a test. There is some lady in front of me doing aerobics or something. My tray is literally wobbling Because of her. People are coughing their brains out and the rest are sneezing NONSTOP. Did I mention there is a couple with 4 (FOUR) cats? Did I also mention I'm allergic? So count me in with the stuffy nose group. The guy behind me can't seem to get up without Grabbing the back of my chair...and about tossing me Out of it. Hve you ever noticed how guys do that? Just get up already! And maybe if you stopped drinking you wouldn't be running To the bathroom every 5 minutes. Let's see...the lady next to me ordered coke... But I got it. All over my sweater. (the flight attendant spilled it on me.) Okaaaayyy...this is getting better and better. Were getting in an hour and a half late... But at least I get out of making dinner:) Ahhh...the JOYS of flying:) Okay...enough already. As long as the pilot lands this baby safely, That's all that counts,right? Oh I forgot, the 3 people behind us are trading horror stories About the worst, most turbulent, nauseous flights they ever flew on. That's good...freak the rest of us out with your LOUD voice. much longer.  Okay,okay...I'm done! Time to move on and do something productive. Like pick out a Christmas card, make a few lists... Fun stuff like that:) Catch you tomorrow! Suzanne XOXOXO


  1. Suzanne I can so relate to this! I was at my Mom's for a month helping with my terminally ill brother. I just flew home Friday and I'm soooooo glad to be back! Hang on and you will be home soon! I have missed you and sent you an email yesterday I think. Hugs, Linda

  2. I feel your pain!!! Still praying for your daddy!!


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