Sunday, October 23, 2011

good days, bad days and everything in between...

yes, i'm still here...sometimes half here but what else is new?
i didn't forget about my fall party...
just hit a little bump in the road.

tell me, do you find your blog posts...or lack of them
kind of go the way of your mood or your day?
when i'm feeling happy or cool or all things good...
i keep it light and do things like a giveaway or PARTY!:)

feeling LAZY...maybe a few quotes, pictures..

Feeling SAD, nervous, upset, STRESSED or scared?
then i either don't do a blog post at all or something kind of WEIRD.
i can't explain it but it's one of those posts that make you say
"don't know where that came from or where she's going with that but...okay" :)

so can you tell that the past few days have been kinda BAD blogging days around here?
like i can't bring myself to act truly happy/silly/laid back or whatever...
when i feel far from it?

ya'll know my dad had heart surgery...
6 WEEKS AGO!!!!!
and he's still in the hospital...intensive care...fighting off EVERY complication
known to mankind.
it's been a true rollercoaster ride.
good days and bad days (ahem...the title today:)
he has a few good days and we are so happy, planning the future, getting back to laughing and having fun when
WHAM...he hits a setback.
and while we still try to smile and laugh...
it's tough.
don't ever let anyone say that it isn't.

we know that he is firmly in God's hands...
yet there are times we wonder at the things he is going through.
but we have FAITH that God will see him through this...
and he will be HAPPY and HOME again...

the fact that people i have never met in my life pray for him is
nothing short of incredible.
it is extremely humbling and I am so very grateful for the prayers and messages of 
encouragement i constantly get.

i can always use it. 
i'm using my words of encouragement up on my mom
trying to take care of her emotionally, along with the rest of my family,
just as his caregivers take care of him physically.

but i truly didn't intend to do this...
so enough already.
let's get on with things;)
i only meant  to say a few words to explain why i dropped things cold 
and why i didn't reply to comments Friday
or post about the next giveaway.
i will...PROMISE.
maybe later today...maybe not.
I just have to regroup, get my act together...all that GOOD stuff.
thanks for your care, prayers and patience!


  1. Just said a prayer for your daddy and your mama and YOU! I love "Have you prayed about it as much as you've talked about it?"

  2. Hi Suzanne
    Thank you for your beautiful visit and comment to treasure.

    Praying for you Dad! I went through this with my Mom and it's not easy. Stay in the arms of the Lord he will comfort you and bring you through it.

    Please visit soon, I will visit as well, I have forgotten how much I enjoy all that you inspire.


  3. Sweet Suzanne, I know what you are going through. I too am finding it hard to upbeat and happy some days. So much sadness and ups and downs in my life and my families! I'm praying for your Dad. I hope things start going only up, but yes he is firmly in God's hands. Sending you hugs, Linda

  4. Hi Suzanne,sending all the best to you in this difficult time.


  5. That last word photo brought some things home for me. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I have been praying for your father. I can't believe he is still in intensive care.
    ALl you can do is pray and let God take care of him. It has to be so exhausting with all the worry and etc. The family I nanny for is going through a similar thing. So sad.
    ig (((((((HUGS)))) for you today.

  7. Lot's of hugs and prayers coming your way. Just know that you have a lot of people who understand that life can get difficult sometimes and it's okay to take a break!


  8. Oh Suzanne~ I can sure relate to this blog. Not sure if you remember me writing to you about 8 months ago or so and asking for prayers. My 5 year old Goddaughter Sophie was battling cancer. Well, June of this past year..Sophie became an angel in heaven. My heart has been shattered and I just cannot find the strength to blog about my loss. However, I recently started blogging again, and just kind of dance around it. My emotions though pour through each post. I want you to know that during my absence of blogging, I ALWAYS kept up with your posts. They seemed to help take me to a better place spiritually. I appreciate your honesty in each one. Your dear Daddy will be receiving LOTS of prayers!!

    Many Blessings,

  9. Suzanne, Lots of prayer and love coming your way!
    I just popped over here from my funfetti post that you commented on to tell you how much your little peppy post meant to me. And, well, here I am thinking about you and praying for your father now. God works in mysterious way, yes?
    Just wanted to say that I hope things get better!! Keep you cute little chin up! ~Cookin' Cowgirl


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