Saturday, October 1, 2011

one very proud mama...

 yep, that's me.....
a happy, proud, excited mama of two
very BEAUTIFUL young ladies.....
beautiful inside AND out! 
so what's up in my world?
read on...

but fist, do you hear it?
the song that is playing on my playlist?
(that is, IF you haven't muted it out. haha)
it's the song from The Nutcracker ballet...
and it is called the
"dance of the Sugar Plum fairy".
 guess who the Sugar Plum fairy is in the 
Naples Ballet Nutcracker this coming December?
my sweet ballerina girl Taylor!!!!!!!!
 AND.....that's not all.
she will also dance the role of the grown up Clara!!!!!!!
i mean, yee-haw!!!!! :)

here is the Nutcracker poster for this year.
(that's Taylor as the Snow Queen last year:) 

these are the roles EVERY young dancer dreams of dancing someday.
Congratulations Taylor......
you work so hard, bring joy to everyone who watches you dance.....
and i'm a very proud mama!!!

but that's not all!
remember my precious girl Jordan and her swim for MS?
well, she is one inspiring, AMAZING girl.....
 and now i'm not the only one who thinks so.
the Naples Daily News found out about her swim and did a
feature article on her last week.
you can read it by clicking HERE.....
not only has she raised over $1500 so far,
but she has had so many people tell her how she has
INSPIRED them to work for a cause that
is important to them!
there were times this summer she was wiped out from playing tennis,
working on her summer courses,
or we were lazily floating in the Gulf.....
and the last thing she wanted to do was swim laps.
but she knew what she was doing and help others....
so she kept swimming.
and you know how i feel.....
i am SO proud of her!
 she started out doing this for ME.....
but ended up helping so many others. 
way to go Jordie!

I love you, my shabby chicks!!!!!

you are wonderful examples of all that is GOOD,
in my life.....and in this WORLD!

i am truly blessed!



  1. That is wonderful news! Congratulations to your wonderful girls. Wasn't it last year she had to bow out do to an injury? This must be extra special!

  2. So happy for all the chicks in your family.
    A proud Mama and her beautiful daughters.

  3. Congratulations to Taylor and way to go Jordan! I'm going to head over to read her article now. You have so much to be proud of mom.

    God's blessings to you!

  4. Well you are a wonderful Mom and have raised wonderful girls! Such great news for both of them. Sending you hugs and kisses for all!

  5. you are truly Blessed indeed...


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