Friday, October 7, 2011

Cowgirls, Country and Caramel Corn...

so it's FRIDAY...
and we need to have some fun around here!
TRUST ME when i say...we need fun and happy this weekend.

but before i get started, thank you for the care and concern
and many prayers for my dad...
who is still fighting it out in the hospital.
3 weeks now and counting.
he has a long road and we are confident he will make it...
but keep praying, please!

one other thing...
i recently found out i had comments that i was not aware of.
they are not coming to my email for some reason
so i have to work that out.
i know i'm not always the best at this but i truly 
didn't mean to ignore everyone!!!
and i put on comment moderation hoping that helps.

okay...on to some fun stuff.
 growing up, i always went through "phases".
thankfully, i STILL go through them...
and now my girls do too.
makes life interesting, you know!
this summer was our COWGIRL/COUNTRY/CARAMEL CORN phase.
let me explain...
we've always had a fascination with the 
cowgirl/west/country girl thing.
but this summer, we REALLY got into it...
and we're having so much fun!

did you know there's a whole culture out there for this?
everything from mild to down home rodeo stuff.
the Picker Sisters have a cowgirl/antique feel to their show.
two of my current favorite online stores
are Junk Gypsy
 (where else can you get a funky shower cap and a crown shower curtain:)
 and i wanted these mugs so bad but they sold out.
 ...hopefully they'll be back
and Island Cowgirl...
  their jewelry pretty much makes up our wish list these days!

we have hats but are really wanting some cool BOOTS.
i think our next summer vacation will be to a dude ranch (cool, huh?)
and on my 50 things before i'm 50 list i'm making,
it includes a visit to the Roundtop Texas Marburger Farms antique fair
 ...and a stay at Rachel Ashwell's Prarie B&B and
horseback riding on the beach.
 three of our favorite shows recently are/have been
Sweet Home Alabama
Hart of Dixie
and Donna Decorates Dallas.
and of course, don't forget Cowgirl Cookies...

 check out Bakerella for the recipe:)
yep, we're having fun with this lil ol "phase" of ours.
Pssst...i don't think it's just a phase but we'll see.

now on to COUNTRY...
i wish i could get back the days my dad drove me to piano lessons
in his brown pick-up truck, playing country music.
 (okay...not his truck but it's pretty, huh?)
anyway, i made SUCH a big deal of it...
how uncool it was...
but NO MORE!!!
we've always liked the occasional country song...
but now we are full-fledged country fans.
shoot...a few of our favorite songs are 
Big Green Tractor and
Hillbilly Bones!
 hahahaha...don't knock it till you've tried it:)
AND the music playing on my blog...
(scroll down to turn off if you don't like it, okay...although
it's playing God Gave Me You...great song:))
but i'll tell you how this really got going.
i got TOTALLY fed up with "pop" (stupid name for it) music today.
i mean, the stuff they "sing" about...if you call it gross and indecent half the time.
and the language...half the song gets bleeped out.
and i don't mind saying i listened to the songs that were
"popular" before my girls to check them out...
it breaks my heart to be out and hear little girls repeating lyrics innocently to
Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and pretty much
all rap.  and this isn't the whole list.
anyway, we went off the radio cold-turkey...
and fell in love with the music of Nashville!
i know...not always perfect.
but it most often is catchy and tells a story...that makes some sort of sense.
like "Just Fishin"...about enjoying those special times with your kids.
in case you're wondering, my girls don't feel forced into this...
they LOVE it.
we had a BLAST at the Rascall Flatts concert
it's so nice to not have to switch the channel all the time
because a song is "inappropriate".
Here are some of our favorites...
 yep...we're COUNTRY!!!
(and yes, even my husband is walking around singing 
Hillbilly Bones and Crazy Town:)
well, this is the reason half my clothes don't fit, i swear!
we managed to find a reason to celebrate with homemade
caramel corn all summer.
oh my gosh...we pass around that bowl
 and practically lick it when we're done...
it's that good!
but our version is a quickie, 2 step recipe...
so if anyone out there has a real, true recipe that doesn't have to be eaten immediately,
i'd love to get it. 
not for us but to give away...of course:)
I see some online but just want to know it's good before making it.
we tried some that was...ummm... downright yucky! 
we can't have peanuts in it due to an allergy,
but anything else goes.

okay...that's where i'm at these days.
trying to enjoy little things, have fun...
and work off this caramel corn:)

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Happy Friday to you too, Suzanne. Loved going through all the pics.

    Will keep your dad in my prayers.
    Much love,

  2. I am country THROUGH AND THROUGH! Don't listen to that other "stuff" cuz it ain't music. :/ Even my kids love country - and my hubby too! My niece just had her second baby girl and cries every time she hears Just Fishin". :) I love Brad (except for Alcohol), (can't stand Taylor - she got way too big way too fast. She is POP in my opinion.) LOVE LUKE!!!! EXTRA LOVE JASON!
    Can't stand Miranda - YIKES! Carrie is just adorable. Keith - I dunno - sometimes. Love Faith's new song!
    OK, enough of my opinions... that's what happens when I spend the day reading your blog backwards... :)


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