Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cute and Creepy Ideas for the Little Chicks...

like the saying goes...
"kids are people too"!
oh yes, they SURE are.
and they deserve a bit of FALL fun too, right?
so today is all about the little ones.
let's get this party started...
every kids party i ever did included a little craft.
something very cute, very simple...and fun!

i don't know about you but i am CRAZY about all the
coffee filter crafts out there.
take a look at these sunflowers.
 how dang cute are these?
i know that amazing, dyed coffee filters are all over the place,
but these are cute and they are just COLORED...
with good, old fashioned color crayons:)

and since part of fall is a hayride pulled by a tractor,
how about their very own big green tractor picture,
made with their footprint:)
(thank you to Life's a Bowl of Cherries)
(click on the highlighted links to get more info.)
my niece Tammy had a great idea...
buy a BUNCH of those tiny pumpkins 
and hide them all over the yard.
how adorable is that...their very own 
or it could also be a pumpkin hunt!

then...they could PAINT their mini pumpkin...
take a look at these, courtesy of Playstation.
meet "Frank"...
or how about a creepy spider...
and the one that CRACKS me up...
hahahahahaha..told you it cracks me up:)

and MUMMIES...
who knew they could be so cute?

speaking of pumpkins, how about these hanging pumpkin ornaments?
 we make christmas ornaments like this and
hang them all over the house, but some genius person
created them in orange and green.
so clever and SOOOOO easy!
i could tell you how but i'm lazy not good at tutorials,
so visit the hostess blog and she'll help you out:)

it's not all about pumpkins here.
let's not forget Mr. Turkey!
(thank you My Blessed Life for the pic)

okay, are the little goblins hungry yet???
then it's time for  TREATS!
whenever i had a kids party...and we had a lot of them...
other moms would have an...ahem...
  HISSY FIT if we jumped right to sugar...
i know, i's the right way to be.
so let's start with something REALLY (haha) nutritious...
i think these are pretty self-explanatory...and they do look good!

strawberry ghosts would be yummy and CUTE!
apple cider and donuts are always a good idea...
 especially acorn donut holes:)
or maybe served with GHOSTY HOT COCOA...

and one of the COOLEST ideas for a SPOOKY treat/Gift would be
Southern Vogue's take on smores...
Halloween Peeps in a Jar!
 how dang cute/clever is this?
visit her and she'll tell you EXACTLY what to do.

okay...i think i've done enough damage for one day.
if you would like to win this
 visit here and leave a comment.
the deadline for leaving a comment is midnight tonight...
but never fear...another drawing is coming up tomorrow...
want a clue?
whoo do you think i am...i can't give anyone an advantage!
(wink, wink;)

See ya!


  1. Oh my gosh mama! Thee pumpkins are so cute and we need to make all of these little treats!

  2. What cute pumpkins and fun ideas. I can't wait until my Grand gets a little older and he and I can have some great holiday fun!

  3. Thanks Linda...tiger has a wonderil grandma!

    Taylor...thank you so much for commenting sweetie! Life is girls now read my blog AND comment!:)



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