Friday, October 21, 2011

Apron Giveaway WINNER...

well, i have to say, the apron i am giving away
is so stinkin cute...
that i wish i had one for all who entered.  
i don't, but i am sooooo happy you took the time to stop by and enter.
and if by ANY chance you are lovin 
really cute owls, i might add,
then come back later today when i have my act together
i mean get my Friday post up and running with a 
SUPER cute owl giveaway:)
i promise you'll be glad you did!

and now, i would like to introduce you to lucky #11,
(i;m so sorry...apparently i'm too stupid to get the random widget to
show up on my post!:)
Terry is the winner of my apron giveaway.
She is so cute...she can't decide whether to keep the apron
or give it to her daughter.
Terry, here's a thought...
IF you decide to give the apron away,
AT LEAST make sure she shares the SCONES with you! :)

if you have time, pop over and meet her by clicking on the button:
Cherished Treasures”=
 okay, have to run but "OWL" be seeing you later today:)


  1. I love owls......see ya later.

  2. I am so excited...still thinking real hard on whether to give this to my daughter or keep it...thank you so much! Have a great weekend!

  3. Yay for Terry! Such a cute apron. Now 'who' will be back later? ME!!!

  4. Congrats to her.If shes like me she will give it to her daughter lol.


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