Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Fall, Ya'll...Come on in for some recipes, crafts and...

i've been wanting to say that...
 just kinda makes you smile:)
AND...i've been wanting you to see my blog makeover.
let me know what you think!
goodbye (for now) pale...hello bright, fall color!


first up... come on in and grab a candy corn tutu...
 it's okay...their cute and fun...
and no one will ever know you wore one:)

now, how about some warm apple pie oatmeal?
oh YUM!!!!!
we're all about quick, easy and delicious food around here...
and this fits the bill perfectly.
simple to make...
slice up apples and place in large ziplock.
shake with brown sugar and cinnamon.
saute in a bit of butter till perfectly tasty and soft.
 make a big batch of your favorite oatmeal...
place a spoonful in the bottom of the bowl and a heaping serving on top.
add milk or heavy cream if desired and go ahead...
 (that's what we did. hahaha)

let's talk crafts...
and sweaters...
it seems sweater pumpkins were HUGE last year.
 (they're still pretty popular cause they're so DANG cute!
I even got in on it.
and now we have SWEATER VASES!
they're all over the place and last night we made a few...
what do you think?
 not bad for a quick and simple craft, huh?
okay, i am terrible about doing a tutorial but trust me,
google sweater vases and all kinds of instructions will come up.
 but basically, you go to goodwill or some other thrift store
and grab a few vases and a cable knit sweater for CHEAP.
 have some scissors and a glue gun handy and you're ready to get crafting!
the most important thing is that if WE can do this in a half hour...
i PROMISE you can too...and probably much better!:)
aaaahhh...all this work makes me hungry!
hahahaha...only HALF joking:)
how about dinner?
as in...a warm, cozy comforting FALL menu...
something like low cal LASAGNA SOUP.
 warm soup on a dreary day...can't beat it.
and this soup is YUM-MY!!!!!
add a loaf of warm, crusty bread and voila...a real family please.
Go HERE for the recipe.
(courtesy of Paula Deen's boy's...
they are making over their mom's recipes:):)
The only changes we made were we only used ONE clove of
garlic and red pepper instead of green pepper.
(and please over look the weirdly skinny breadsticks...
don't ask me, I wasn't in the kitchen:)
 let's see, what else, what else...
a simple decorating tip for seasons/holidays.
if you're like me, your children ARE your works of art.
and if you took a gazillion photos of them like me, 
you have some for all the seasons of the year. 
soooooo...why not dig out a few and replace the photos currently in frames or on the wall
with special memories of seasons past.
so simple, so quick and SO EASY!
just like the above crafts and recipes,
quick and easy is the name of the game:)
and here is a quick photo i snapped of my childhood home recently...
 i used to JUMP in these leaves!!!

well my friends,
that's about it for the fall open house
  with the Shabby Chicks for today.
oh can't leave without a treat!
My chicks made CANDY CORN COOKIES tonight.
 we used the technique from Kathie Cooks blog,
and because i already told you we try to keep things simple,
we BOUGHT the sugar cookie dough in a roll.
divided it into thirds, colored one yellow and one orange (left the other one natural)
cut out candy corn shapes and VOILA...
candy corn cookies!
and come back soon for more fall fun...
and a GIVEAWAY Wednesday!



  1. Such fun, what a good idea doing this. I love the pictures. Going by your childhood home brings back memories, doesn't it. I do it once in awhile. Where does the time go. Way too fast but it is so much fun along the way.

  2. I love your new cute and perfect for Fall! Love all your fun crafts, I still want to make some sweater pumpkins! I need to find and scan some pics of my girls when they were little. Now I'm hungry for sugar cookies! I'll be back for your next post. Hugs to you! Linda

  3. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh how lovely and festive everything looks over here at Shabby Chicks. I love it. Those sweater pumpkins and vases are so delightful. I am going to google them and see what I can find as well. Thank you for the wonderful tip and share. It looks fabulous.

    Oh and your header is just perfect for Fall as it fastly approaches.
    Have a gorgeous day sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  4. What super cute and fun sweater crafts! Happy Fall to you!

  5. Love the sweater pumpkins so adorable.Happy Autumn!

  6. Hi Suzanne,I was wondering if my folowers widget is working yet?Since the other day you said it wasnt.Darn blogger lol.

  7. I haven't visited for a while and I am loving your blog look! Oh and I just want to jump in those leaves....over here in Oz we are in Spring and waiting for another long hot Summer xo


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