Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I am spending Valentine's Day with my two favorite girls in the world. They surprised me with a gift this morning that I love!!!!!!! A few weeks ago, they ordered something for me online and waited...impatiently:-)...for it to arrive. The top secret was revealed today and the surprise gift was a package of m & m's with custom messages on them, just for me. Of course, they were in various shades of my favorite colors...PINK!!! So yummy and very sweet of them. You can order these treats at Hope your day is just as special.


  1. Just found your blog on MBC - I am in the southern blogger group. I LOVE your song here. I have NO idea how to put music on my blog. If you wanna spill the beans I'd be grateful. -
    You're newest follower! Donna - a.k.a. Obnoxious.


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